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* TIME magazine Innovation of the Year 2019 * Edison Award (2018) *
WeWALK is a free accessible navigation and exploration application developed by visually impaired people for the visually impaired and people with low vision.
WeWALK is a fully accessible application developed to enable visually impaired people to explore their surroundings and get accessible navigation. With WeWALK, you can get step-by-step navigation to where you want to go and discover the locations around you in an accessible manner.
You can view the public transportation stops near you and learn the times of the public transportation lines passing through the stop. When you get on the public vehicle, when approaching the stop where you will get off, WeWALK notifies you by sending notifications to not miss the stop.
WeWALK is designed to be fully accessible for an unobstructed navigation experience. With WeWALK navigation, you can examine different routes, choose the route you want to go, walk to the public transportation stop, wait for the public transportation line, and get notifications when approaching the stop when you get on the vehicle of your choice. So you can have an end-to-end accessible navigation experience. During navigation, WeWALK shows additional information such as intersections, stairs, elevators so that you can learn additional information about the route you are going, and you can travel easily. WeWALK is developed in conjunction with the visually impaired community and is fully compatible with screen readers.

How does it work?
1. To get navigation with WeWALK, you can search for the location you want to go by pressing the get navigation button or start the navigation by selecting the location you want to go from features such as explore, public transportation, my places and then go here. WeWALK will voice you step by step. With its accessible map, it guides low vision users in an accessible way for those with low vision. WeWALK is a useful navigation application for both the visually impaired and those with low vision.
2. Location discovery mode can be turned on to use the Explore feature. When this switch is turned on, WeWALK starts to announce the locations in the environment while walking on the road. Thus, visually impaired and low vision users can enjoy accessible exploration without missing the locations in their surroundings. They can also list the places around by pressing the discover button. From this list, locations can be navigated, uber can be called up, or the t to go later.
3. Public Transport: With the public transport feature, the visually impaired and people with low vision can learn the upcoming lines while waiting at the stop, get a notification when they get on a public transport line, and thus learn the stop where they will land in an easy and accessible way.
4. Integration with WeWALK smart cane: If you use a WeWALK smart cane, you can use all application features on the cane by matching your application and your cane.
As WeWALK, we continue to work to make the world more accessible. Together with the visually impaired, visually impaired organizations, and many partners, we are working to move WeWALK forward.
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WeWALK Kemas kini

This update includes the following improvements for your WeWALK app;
Enabling usage of simulation mode via location detail page

*"Find my phone" does not work on voice menu
*My Places cannot be selectable if the location services are disabled
*Voice assistant problems when "What's around me?" question is asked
*Voice assistant does not response back on some cases
*Cane language is set in Turkish when switching to Turkish and cannot change to English when goes back to another language

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