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Truth or Dare

Ideal for Couple, Friends & Family

1.4 for Android

Born To Play

Perihalan Truth or Dare

It doesn't matter if it’s been a while since you played a game of Truth or Dare or if you’re a true veteran — playing it with a crush, friends, families, significant other, or spouse is a great way to take the game to a whole different, naughty level!

Truth or Dare is one of the wildest, most hilarious party games on Earth! Whether you’re at a family gathering or a sleepover with friends, you’ll be able to find a huge range of truths and dares pre-loaded into the game for everyone, yes everyone – couples, BFF, friends, and family. – or create your own!

Truth or Dare is a popular game that is played with adults or with couples only. It’s a fun family game and is often played at children’s parties. It’s a popular college dorm party and it makes the perfect game for the tween slumber party.

This game fits the bill for anyone. It’s a great way for new friends or couples to get to know each other. Parents can learn the secrets of their children, and it’s the perfect way for old friends to catch each other in a lie or an embarrassing moment.

★ Game Modes ★

▸ truth and dare game for kids

▸ truth and dare game for teen

▸ truth and dare game for adults

The truth or Dare game for kids is the most interesting and funny category of the game. It’s interesting because kids can ask the funniest and most intriguing questions that Adults may never think of or may consider insignificant.

Teens love to play the truth or dare game and when they do, it is always lively and energized with laughter and so many red faces. Thrill your friends at the next party with these truth questions and funny dares game. In this, you will find good questions to ask and you will be surprised how heads will turn when you spit the truth questions or funny dares.

When it comes to truth or dare games for adults, expect anything, from clean to dirty related dares and erotic questions. Most adults prefer to play dirty truth or dare games as a couple because it lets them into each other's darkest secrets and adds spice to their especially when they do dirty dares.

★★ Features ★★

✔ 1000+ of Truth and Dares questions.
✔ Add your own clean or dirty dares into the app!
✔ Multiplayer Game with up to 15 players.
✔ Set player names - perfect for large groups and parties!
✔ Spin the bottle & You can also change bottles 🍾.
✔ Spin the bottle feature to make the game most unique.
✔ Frequently updated with more content.
✔ Completely free to play.
✔ Truth and dare app offline to play.
✔ Sound on/Off feature.
✔ Keep track of who is winning with a scoreboard 📝 displayed after each round.
✔ 3 different game modes - Kids, Teens, and Adult (18+).

★ Score System ★

Truth: If the Completed player get 1 or If the Forfeited player gets 0

Dare: If the Completed player get 1 or If the Forfeited player gets 0

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Versi Terbaru: 1.4Minta Truth or Dare Kemas kini

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Syarat-syarat: Android 4.1+

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