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The Seven Dungeons

2D Action Platformer Pixel Art

1.1.1 for Android

Symon Jack

Perihalan The Seven Dungeons

The Seven Dungeons is an action platformer game with cute pixel art graphics, where you can run, jump and avoid obstacles in epic 2D adventure dungeons of grass, sand, water, fire, ice, laser and much more!

An evil villain stole the Seven Emeralds of Infinity. To protect them, he built seven dungeons and placed each emerald at the end of each dungeon. No one knows for sure what his evil plan is, but you must not allow such power to be in the wrong hands!

Run and have fun in this challenging adventure game full of action, jumping on platforms, dodging spikes, arrows, fireballs, lava, big snowballs, ice stalactites, lasers and guided missiles and get all the seven emeralds!


🍃 1st - Grass Dungeon
In this dungeon, avoid the fixed and mobile spikes scattered around the environment, get the key and open the exit door!

⏳ 2nd - Sand Dungeon
Be careful where you step! Not everything that looks like ground is ground. You also do not want to be hit by the arrows, so be careful!

🌊 3rd - Water Dungeon
Hold your breath, swim and dive deep to reach the exit. The slowness caused by the dragging of the water is an additional challenge to avoid the rotating spike balls.

❄ 4th - Ice Dungeon
It is better to get a winter coat because the temperatures here are much below freezing. Run from the huge snowballs, not forgetting to look up, as an ice stalactite can fall on your head.

🔥 5th - Fire Dungeon
This is the place most like hell here on Earth. Do you still have childish fears about the divine wrath or the lake of fire?

🚀 6th - Lasers Dungeon
A very beautiful golden dungeon that hides terrible secrets: are you able to dodge lasers while guided missiles chase you?

💀 7th - Abstract Dungeon
If I told you what is at the end of that dungeon, I would have to "kill you": kill your ego!

✔ 70 handcrafted levels: 7 dangerous dungeons with 10 challenging adventure levels each one!
✔ Super smooth and easy controls!
✔ Awesome background music and nice sound effects!
✔ Total support for mobile platforms like phones and tablets!
✔ Beautiful indie game with classic retro pixel art graphics!
✔ A good 2D platformer available for Android!

- English (USA)
- Portuguese (Brazil)

➕ Run, jump and avoid obstacles!
➕ Get the key and go to the exit door!
➕ In each final dungeon, talk with the villain to learn about his deep story!

Can you overcome the Immense Darkness and find the real value of life?

Game made with love by Symon Jack! ❤

The Seven Dungeons 1.1.1 Kemas kini

- Several improvements in dungeons!

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Tarikh Terbitan:

Dimuat naik oleh: Safin Rwandzi Saleh

Versi Terbaru: 1.1.1Minta The Seven Dungeons Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan The Seven Dungeons melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 4.4+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai tidak sesuai

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