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Most professional sudoku game
All puzzles are tested by program
Suitable for beginner and expert
Compete with sudoku expert worldwide
Good logic game to relax your brain

We absolutely believe that HangXun Sudoku is the best Sudoku game for you and it is a free Sudoku game with all the free puzzles. Whether you want to relax or keep your mind fresh - this pleasant pastime is suitable for both purposes! Take a small stimulating break or clear your mind with sudoku exercises. Take your favorite apps with you wherever you go. Playing Sudoku as a mobile version is just as nice as playing with a pen and paper.

Welcome to Sudoku World! Train your brain now!

1. 15000+ sudoku puzzles, all are tested by program.
2. Puzzles are from easy to expert, which are suitable from all players.
3. Complete the daily challenge, and compete with other players.
4. Game levels include 4500 puzzles, from easy to difficult.
5. Turn on the pen mode to take notes like paper. Each time you fill in a cell, the notes update automatically!
6. Highlight double numbers so that you do not accidentally repeat numbers in a row, column, or field.
7. Hints help you move forward when you are stuck.
8. Sudoku Editor and Sudoku Solver help create your own puzzles.
9. Sunset and midnight themes make eyes feel more comfortable.

More features:
1. Support phone and tablets.
2. Points ranking and daily ranking for all players.
3. Highlight duplicates numbers in same row, column and block.
4. Highlight cells which are in same row, column and block.
5. Auto-Save unfinished game.
6. Unlimited undo.
7. Excellent sound effect.
8. Timer, you can also disable it in settings.
9. Change your profile photo on Me view.

How to play sudoku?
- Sudoku puzzle consists of a grid of 9 blocks.
- Each block contains 3 rows and 3 columns grid.
- Some grids are pre-filled with numbers, which cannot be changed.
- The objective is to fill all the grids with 1 to 9 numbers,and each column, each row, and each of block contains only one of each digit.

Thanks for your selecting HangXun Sudoku Game! We will try our best to make the game better and better.

Sudoku 1.9.2 Kemas kini

1.Long tap a number to lock it, and use it for multiple cells. Enable the function in settings page.
2.Smart hint can help you analyze the sudoku puzzle step by step.
3.When you select a cell with a number, the notes of same number are highlighted.
4.More than 190 trophies, 30 thousands of puzzles, are waiting for your challenge.
5.Game Levels increase from 4500 puzzles to 9000 puzzles.

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Versi Terbaru: 1.9.2Minta Sudoku Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan Sudoku melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 4.1+

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