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Sort 3D

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1.0.1 for Android


Perihalan Sort 3D

Sort 3D is a relaxing and fun logic puzzle game. The main goal is to sort objects into tubes by their shape and color with the least steps. Each tube can include only one type of object. It’s not as easy as it seems, but it’s a lot of fun. Enjoy tons of unique levels! Sort cool things like fruit, diamonds, candy, cakes, planets, animals, balls, numbers, and more. How many levels can you solve?

You start with easy levels where you learn and relax, then you play hard levels that challenge your mind! Exercise your logic and give your brain a real workout. Sort 3D is an addictive time killer that activates your thinking. Think a few moves ahead, color sorting games are an entertaining challenge for your brain. Keep your mind occupied for hours, every time is random and unique. Just sorting water, color balls, bubbles or pouring liquid can be boring and routine. This logic puzzle is more funny and enjoyable. You get custom levels with amazing and unusual objects!

How to play:

- The goal of the color sort puzzle is to match the objects by type and place them into tubes so that each tube contains only one type of object.
- Tap any tube to move the object on top of it to another tube.
- Stack all the identical objects into a single tube.
- An object can only be placed on the same object.
- You can only move an object to a tube if it has enough space.
- Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can shuffle the objects at any time.
- If you get really stuck and find yourself in deep water, you can add an extra tube to sort it easier.

What you get:

• Easy to learn logic sorting puzzle
• Hours of gameplay to enjoy
• Over 100 unique objects to sort. Sort balls, fruit, candy, planets and other objects!
• Shuffle, Extra Tubes and Undo to help if you are stuck
• No time limit, you can play this 3d sorter at your own pace
• New game from a top developer!

Challenge your brain with Sort 3D puzzle and have fun! Play this sorting game anywhere, anytime!

Sort 3D 1.0.1 Kemas kini

- Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Challenge your brain with Sort 3D puzzle and have fun!

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Dimuat naik oleh: مصطفى ملحم

Versi Terbaru: 1.0.1Minta Sort 3D Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan Sort 3D melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 5.0+

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