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Scary Barbi - Horror Game is survival game in a scary house

Scary Barbi, who likes horror games and scary games.

Scary barbi Granny is a mod grany version with a special function of granny game.
Barbi Granny Living in this house thousands of years ago, many people had previously tried to escape Granny's House but they could not overcome it because of the grandmother's dangerous and intimidating obstacles and tricks.
Frozen Barbi of this all-new game will never stop finding you and chasing you, she can feel you and listen to any sound you create.

Scary Granny is Barbi, the door is locked and you need to find a way out in 5 days. You have to try to get out of the rich house, but be careful.

Scary Granny is Barbi - Horror Game 2020:
- A fearful atmosphere with realistic graphics
- Horrible and exciting game levels
- Horror, fear is seen from within. Meet the beautiful Princess Barbi.
- Live in horrible horror stories and feel the screams
- Babie, you have to hurry, monsters and Grannt will come back anytime.
- Our game is the scariest game through all games similar to the Granny mod.
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Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 1.7.3

Last updated on Aug 29, 2019

Game Mod Scary Granny Barbie V1.7.3
Fix Bug V1.5
Add character: Branny Mod, Rich granny
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