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Panopto (Legacy) for Android

Panopto, Inc.

Perihalan Panopto

Panopto for Android lets you access all of your organization’s video content from your Android tablet or phone. View HD video presentations, lectures, training courses and events. Search inside your videos to find any keyword or topic.

• Use this application with Panopto on-premise server version 8.7.0 or lower.
• Panopto cloud customers, use new application:

Learn anywhere
• Watch a lecture, presentation, or training session from your Android tablet or phone
• Search within a video to jump right where you need to be
• Read closed captions as you watch the video
• Navigate videos by tapping on slides, chapters, or transcript
• Upload videos from your Android tablet or phone*
• Record meetings or classes in rooms equipped with Panopto Remote Recorder from your Android tablet or phone**

With Panopto’s video platform, you can transform how your organization learns and communicates:
• Sales and Marketing can record and webcast presentations, demos, and events.
• Corporate Communications can deliver recorded or live messages from executives.
• Learning and Development can deliver online training to employees around the world.
• Engineering teams can record meetings and share best practices.
• Support teams can record tutorials and visually demonstrate solutions to customers.
• Faculty can record lectures, lab demonstrations, medical simulations, and more.
• Students can view lectures on the go, or record their own assignments for instructor review.
• IT staff can integrate Panopto with existing LMS, CMS and identity systems.

This application works with Panopto server 5.6.0 and above.

You can check the server version from the 'support' menu of your Panopto server's web interface. Please contact your administrator for any additional questions regarding your organization's current version.

About Panopto
Panopto creates software that enables organizations to record, webcast, search, and share all of their video content and presentations. Panopto's video platform is currently in use at Fortune 500 companies around the world, and is the fastest growing lecture capture solution at leading universities.

Panopto Kemas kini

Fixed an issue where the application sometimes crashed when the screen was locked and unlocked.
Fixed an issue where the screen turned off during video playback since Panopto 7 server release.
Fixed an issue where downloaded videos did not play after the user signed out from their site.
Fixed an issue where downloading video was not correctly reported into viewing analytic data.
Fixed an issue where download from a search result may have failed.

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Syarat-syarat: Android 6.0+

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