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Onigiri HEROES

1.6.0 for Android
CyberStep, Inc.
The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File

Perihalan Onigiri HEROES

◆ A one of a kind fantasy MMORPG set in Japan!
In the vast world of Onigiri, many unique buildings and characters appear in signature places like Onigashima, Sekigahara, Kyoto, and Edo, where a unique Japanese-style fantasy world awaits. The best part of "Onigiri Heroes" is that you can explore the world with other players!

◆ Easy to play & Action-packed MMORPG
Experience the exhilarating action of "Onigiri Heroes" by using one one attack button and multiple skill buttons. In addition, the newly implemented guard and evasion features will give you an advantage in battle!

Experience a new and thrilling adventure with this easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay.

・Partner Character
In addition to the characters you control, "Onigiri Heroes" will have a number of Partners who will fight alongside you.
In addition to famous Japanese warriors and generals such as Miyamoto Musashi and Oda Nobunaga, there are also many unique characters, such as Ifrit and Gargoyle, some of which become controllable characters with unique fighting styles that the player can enjoy.

・Various Weapons
Players can choose between 8 different weapon types and their fighting styles, including swords, oodachi, axes, twin blades, bows, lances, staves, and wands.

Players can equip up to 5 skills with one weapon, and each skill is highly customizable.

・Buff Items (Sake)
[Sake] can be used to provide limited time buffs to the player character. There are also various types of sake bottles that can prolong their effects or hold more servings per bottle.

Onigiri HEROES 1.6.0 Kemas kini

・Adjusted the drawing formatting for certain models.
・Fixed a bug where part of the screen would be hidden while using gaming mode on certain terminals. fullscreen.

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Versi Terbaru: 1.6.0Minta Onigiri HEROES Kemas kini

Memerlukan Android: Android 7.0+

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