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1.9.1 for Android


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OctoApp is build with Android in mind and is completely optimized for being used on a phone.

The UI is structured into three workspaces: Connect, Prepare, Print. The Connect workspace helps you get your printer connected to OctoPrint and as soon as a printer is available OctoApp will move to the Prepare workspace. Here you can get ready for your next print! Heat your hotend, swap filament or level the bed. When you are ready and start your print, OctoApp shows the Print workspace where you can control and tune your print!

This concepts allows for a simple and fast UI while not sacrificing on features!

OctoApp already offers you:
🖨 Easy print preparation
🗄 Full file access
🕹 Control your print
📟 Full terminal access
🎛 Flow rate, Feed rate and fan controls
📷 Webcam support (also simple muticam support)
🌛 Dark mode
🔉 Notifications about your print
🏎️ High performance
🔍 Gcode Viewer
🖨 Support for multiple printers
🔌 Many power control plugins like PSU Control or IKEA Tradfri
🔮 PrintTimeGenius support
💜 Support for many of your favourite plugins, like ArcWelder or SpoolManager
🌎 Remote and local connection, the app switches automatically
🚀 OctoEverywhere integration
🔐 Works with VPNs, HTTPS and Basic Auth
🖖 And much, much more!

There is a new feature update roughly every month! Let me know what you are missing!

Important notice for remote connections: The app does not provide required servers. You can either set something up yourself and provide the app with a URL reachable over the internet or use a plugin like OctoEverywhere or ngrok.

OctoApp 1.9.1 Kemas kini

🚀 OctoEverywhere integration
⏲ Support for PrintTimeGenius plugin
📹 The best webcam connection OctoApp ever had
💡 Automatic lights when you use the webcam
🔥 Many improvements throughout the app

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Dimuat naik oleh: Cauazimjoak Caua Moraes

Versi Terbaru: 1.9.1Minta OctoApp Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan OctoApp melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 5.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai tidak sesuai

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