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1.0.0 for Android


Perihalan Minesweeper - Picture Cross Puzzle Minesweeper is an addictive picture cross logic puzzle, brought to you by the creators of and games. Solve number puzzles, reveal pictures, and train your brain!

This numbers game (also known as Fill-a-Pix) is a part of the picture cross puzzle family, known as nonograms. They’re addictive number puzzle games, similar to a Japanese crossword puzzle with hidden pictures. Minesweeper rules are super easy – paint the squares to solve logic grid puzzles and reveal pictures! It takes the best from two worlds of nonogram and minesweeper logic puzzles and combines that into a fresh and phenomenally addictive and fun number game!

How to Play
- Paint the squares on the grid to reveal a pixel art picture
- Numbers on the grid show how many adjacent cells you should paint. For instance, number 3 means you should paint 3 nearby squares.
- Mark the blank cells with a cross (that’s why the game belongs to a picture cross family)
- Reveal a hidden picture by painting all the squares in a pixel puzzle!

What You Get
- This pixel puzzle offers hints and undos, so it’s particularly good for beginners
- Levels get more and more difficult as you play, so hardcore players will get a stimulating brain workout too!
- Every griddlers puzzle has only one correct solution
- The hidden pictures do not repeat – you always get something new
- Top-notch pic cross puzzle quality – Minesweeper comes from the developer of the prominent and free number games.

So if you like sudoku, nonogram, minesweeper, Japanese crosswords, or literally any pixel art or logic puzzle games, give this puzzle a shot.

Try Minesweeper now, solve logic puzzles with numbers, train your brain and have fun! Minesweeper - Picture Cross Puzzle Tanda

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Dimuat naik oleh: Mahmoud Abo Alnoor

Versi Terbaru: 1.0.0Minta Minesweeper - Picture Cross Puzzle Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan Minesweeper - Picture Cross Puzzle melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 5.0+

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