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Some people experience symptoms of anxiety or depression at times.

In order to manage your thoughts and understand which factors and things can influence you mood every day we have created this application named Reflexio.

Reflexio is a fabulous self care journaling application of daily questions, where every day you will discover a new question that will help you to know yourself better.

With an intuitive interface Reflexiō is the quiet and safe space for self care where your thoughts have a special place.

Every day you will receive a new interesting question about the most important topics of our life: health, self care, depression, gratitude, selfcare or relax etc.

Open your mind with Reflexiō, and see how your emotional mood changes through the months and years.

ASK 1 question a day that makes you think

✨ Every day you will receive a new question that will make you reflect on the most important topics of our life (like a personal diary)

✨ Share the questions that you like with your friends through social networks!

SELECT your mood

✨ Select your mood on the mood tracker screen and answer each daily question

✨ You can choose between Happy, Good, Neutral, Bad or Awful (depression) to define how you feel

✨ As well you will be able to see statistics of your monthly and annual mood!

✨ Self help for anxiety & depression (self care diary)

CHECK the statistics of your mood monthly and annually

✨ After the first month of use you can visualize the dynamics of your mood

✨ Do not forget to select your mood in every question of the day

GET your personal Word Cloud

✨ You will get your personalized word cloud monthly, with those words that you use the most in your daily answers!

✨ The word cloud is a fast and dynamic way to know how you think

✨ The more complete your answers, more information your word clouds will have!

NAVIGATE quickly through your calendar

✨ In the calendar you can go back to the questions from days past to see what you answered

✨ Our interface makes it easy and simple to check your answers

Important : If you have noted that during a long period of time you have a bad mood or some kind of anxiety we recommend you to visit a doctor. It’s important to ask your doctor whether they think you have depression, anxiety, or it was just a bad mood days caused by the temporary life difficulties which is nothing to do with depression.

Do you have any questions? In Reflexio we are always happy to know your opinion and your proposals to improve our application every day. Do not hesitate to ask us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

Send us your questions and suggestions to

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Minta Mood Tracker & Anti Depresi Kemas kini 2.0.9

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سلام البصراوي

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Android 5.0+

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Apa yang baru dalam versi terkini 2.0.9

Last updated on Jul 2, 2024

Good day, dear friend! Great news for our Italian and Polish-speaking users - we've translated the app interface into Italian 🇮🇹 and Polish! 🇵🇱 We hope this makes you very happy.
- Improved interface smoothness
- Fixed bugs

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