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What’s new in version 4.0?

Compete against the best
Leaderboards: Every mountain (and run) now has a Ski:IQ leaderboard for this season. There are top spots to be earned on your way to reach the top of your local leaderboard.
Read on to find out how the new app will help you get there...

Improved Tips
Advice for Every Level: This season you'll get more specific advice that is tailored to your recent Ski:IQ scores. Carv also notices if you are improving in each skill and lets you know so you can recognise your hard work!
Deeper Insight: Sometimes a little extra detail might be all you need for that next breakthrough. Now you can click into any tip to learn more about the concept. Learn with videos, descriptions and recommended next steps.
On Demand Tips: Last year, many of you told us that you wanted a way to go back and read your tips. We've now added your personalised tips into the activity feed, so you can review your advice from each run.

Meet the New Ski:IQ™
Ski:IQ™ Upgrade: Ski:IQ™ is the system that defines your ability and decides which tips you get given. This year we have given Ski:IQ™ a major upgrade by analysing over 30 million turns, identifying technique patterns and refining metrics with top level instructors.
New Early Edging Metric: Measures if you have rolled your skis onto their edge right at the initiation of each turn.
New Dynamic Balance Metric: Measures whether your balance is forward as you enter each turn - important for great carving.
New Foot Roll Metric: Measures whether you are deliberately rolling your feet into each turn in a controlled fashion (an advanced skill that facilitates longer carving turns).

More Context
New Ski:IQ™ and Skill Graphs: Use your profile to track your progress over time.
More Info: Each metric can now be clicked to uncover more details about it, and how to improve.
Target Zones: Each metric now has a target zone (based on a Ski:IQ™ 120) and a 'pro zone' (based on Ski:IQ™ 140) to give you a range to aim for.


Connect the app to the Carv smart ski boot insole for real-time audio instruction. Carv uses advanced pressure and motion sensors to map your skiing technique in unparalleled detail. Find out your Ski:IQ and discover how to improve so you can take on the mountain this year.

Want to build your confidence on the slopes? As you ski, Carv’s real-time audio coaching will tell you what to do to improve so you can keep progressing on every run.

Want to push your limits? Learn with interactive drills and videos designed by some of the world’s top coaches with turn-by-turn audio feedback. Compete against the Carv skiing challenges, ski to the beat, find your max edge angle and take on the mountain this winter.

If you don’t own the smart insole, you can still use the Carv app to track your max speed, average speed, distance, descent, number of runs, number of turns and much more. Carv then generates a detailed activity map with performance data from your day on the slopes for you to share.

Carv’s Features:
Generate a detailed activity map of your ski day
Connect with Carv smart ski boot insole
Track your number of runs and turns automatically
Generate a personal ski technique profile
Get tailored advice on how to improve
Learn with interactive drills
Compete against Carv’s skiing challenge
Compare your data with friends, family and professional athletes

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