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Amharic Keyboard -  Ethiopic  Geez ikon

Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Geez

1.3.0 for Android

Perihalan Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Geez

Welcome to Amharic keyboard Ethiopic - ኢትዮፒክ መተየቢያ
🥇 Amharic, Tigrinya and Afaan Oromoo Keyboard
🥇 Amharic keyboard is built on the latest technologies to help you write in Latin and Geez scripts.

🥇Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic is now the best in the market to type Ethiopian languages on Android.

🥇 Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic has the best and most accurate next word prediction for fastest typing experience.

🥇 Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic has accurate Gesture typing feature for perfect and fast typing.

😊Ethiopia Geez Keyboard by Ethiopic has all Emoji characters.

- Ethiopic keyboard NEVER collects your personal info including credit card information or any other text you input using our keyboard.
- Don't Worry about the warning message you see when activating Ethiopic keyboard stating " Ethiopic keyboard may be able to collect your personal data". This is a standard warning in all Android phones for any non factory keyboard app that the user (You) install.
- If you have any concerns about your privacy you can directly contact the developer of this keyboard app, Yohannes Ejigu Ademe using

- ኢትዮፒክ መተየቢያ ፥ ግዕዝ ኪቦርድ ፥ ግዕዝ ግቤት ፥ ኢትዮፒክ Amharic keyboard ፥ኢትዮፒክ አማርኛ ። ኢትዮፒክ ትግርኛ፥ ኢትዮፒክ afaan Oromoo.

😊 Amharic Keyboard - has the best next word prediction.

😊 Amharic Keyboard - has gesture typing for latin based Ethiopian languages

😊 Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic is the next Ethiopian typing app by same developers of FynGeez Amharic keyboard

😊 An other best Amharic Keyboard by fyn systems.

Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard- For Ethiopia and Eritrea - አማርኛ መጻፊያ

Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard id the best free Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard.

Ethiopian keyboard with glide typing.

Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Geez 1.3.0 Kemas kini

- cursor control gesture added
-added new features and themes
- minor problem fix
previous version
- top number row added
- Problem fix and improvements

Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Geez Tanda

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Dimuat naik oleh: Trầnluong Loungtran

Versi Terbaru: 1.3.0Minta Amharic Keyboard -  Ethiopic  Geez Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan Amharic Keyboard -  Ethiopic  Geez melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 4.3+

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