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1.3.1 by Jaxla Games LLC

Sep 7, 2018

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가장 인기있는 업그레이드 자동차와 멋진 트랙의 현실적인 시뮬레이션 레이싱

Apex Chase is more than just a racing game. It puts you in the drivers seat. It feature the most realistic driving experience, with real world engines, weight balance, transmissions, suspensions, aerodynamics and tire grip.

Race how you want to, with auto or manual shifting, and a full suite of electronic aides to assist you. Street, Sport, Race and OFF are modes available for Traction Control (TCS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). You can set up the assists for each individual vehicle to race the way you like. No more changing settings when you switch cars.


Apex Chase offers an extensive garage with over 35 vehicles ranging from JDM classics, American muscle, European sports cars, and even trucks and SUVs. Try to fill your garage and build the best collection out there.


Engines, drivetrain, brakes, suspension, tires and weight can all be upgraded from stock, to stage1 - stage3. Each vehicle has a special stage X engine upgrade which add massive power to the vehicle, maybe more than it can handle... Are you up for it?


You can customize your vehicle's paint in both gloss and matte colors. Wheels can be painted as well, along with chrome, polished and even gold finishes. Make your car look the way you want it.


The AI is good. One mistake, brake too early, miss too many shifts or hit a wall... your done. This game will make you a better racer.


Meet other players and stay up-to-date with Apex Chase:

* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/apexchaseracing

* Twitter: @ApexChaseRacing (http://twitter.com/apexchaseracing)

* Instagram: http://instagram.com/apexchaseracing

* Web: http://www.jaxlagames.com

최신 버전 1.3.1의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Sep 7, 2018

v1.3.1 update
MASSIVE handling improvements with much better turn-in and front end grip.
New British V12 supercar added "2010 OMEN"
New racetrack added "Lakewood Racing Circuit"
New Driving Mode Selector replaces Traction Control(TCS) and Stability Control(ESC) individual systems
The "1985 TYRANT 86" gets a new motor
Small bugs fixed

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최신 버전

Apex Chase 업데이트 요청 1.3.1

업로드한 사람

Joao Victor Forgeri Soares

필요한 Android 버전

Android 5.0+

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