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WeCom is a business communication and office collaboration tool developed by Tencent WeChat Team. WeCom provides the familiar communication experience as WeChat and connects with WeChat in an all-round manner. It also offers productivity tools such as Event, Meeting, WeDoc and WeDrive, and flexible OA apps for effective business communication and management. 
WeCom has been widely adopted by millions of leading organizations, including Rainbow, P&G, Cartier, WalMart, Chow Tai Fook, L'Oreal, IKEA, Bank of China, PICC, Deppon Express, and Changan Automobile.

1. A familiar communication experience
[Ease of Use] Provides a IM experience consistent with WeChat’s.
[Reliable Storage] Enables real-time message syncing to PCs, mobiles phones, the cloud, and other devices.
[Efficient Communication] Allows users to check message read status to ensure effective communication.
[Corporate Directory] Allows administrators to batch import and manage corporate directory. Finding co-workers has never been easier.

2. Connecting with WeChat
[Exchange Messages] Add WeChat users as contacts and offer services via private or group chats.
[Contact Customers] Companies can view and manage customers added by members, and assign customers of former members.
[Customer Moments] Share posts about activity information and product updates to Moments to interact with customers.
[Customer Group] Group chat with WeChat can reach up to 100 people. Members can use efficient tools in group chats, and companies can assign group chats of former members.
[Company Pay] Companies can use WeChat Pay to make funds with WeChat users, and can also receive payments from members or send red packets.

3. Integrated with kinds of efficiency tool
[Event Management] Simultaneously, through "Make an Appointment", you can easily check the idle/busy status of the group members and select the appropriate time to start the event. Members will receive the event invitation in their Event app.
[Multi-person Meeting] Initiate and join online meetings anytime & anywhere, allowing sharing documents and screens among up to 25 participants, and providing some management features for hosts.
[WeDoc] Online real-time collaborative docs and sheets. Edits can be updated in real-time, freeing collaborators from transferring the files with each other.
[WeDrive] Free 100 GB of shared space for file sharing between colleagues. Space permission can be specified as needed for real-time sync of files and higher security of data.
[Business Mailbox] Send and receive business emails and forward to Group Chats if needed.

4. Diversified Office Apps
[Basic Office Apps] Preset ready-to-use office apps such as Attendance, Approvals, Reports, Announcement, and Forum.
[Third-party Apps] Provide companies with high-quality third-party apps and hardware, covering mobile office, and other fields, as well as smart attendance, unlimited screen casting, and meeting television.
[APIs] Provide various APIs, making it easier for you to integrate company apps.

5. Strong security and management capabilities
[all-round safeguard] Based on the integration of offense and defense capabilities of Tencent over the past 20 years, WeChat Work is the first domestic office product to pass SOC2Type2 auditing, and has obtained ISO27018, ISO20000, ISO27001, and national three-level certifications to provide reliable data security guarantee for companies.
[Corporate Directory Management] Batch import contacts into a directory where they are managed in one place for convenient and accurate lookup.
[App Management] Manage all company apps and configure the authorized scopes. Sending messages by apps, custom app menu, asset library and other features are also provided.
[Plentiful Configuration]Configure Employee Identity Information and view permission to Corporate Directory, hide departments or members if needed.

WeCom, Offering Every Enterprise their own WeChat

WeCom 4.0.16 Aggiornare

一、微信客服持续升级 1. 接入场景 - 可在视频号直播间和商品橱窗接入微信客服。 - 可通过设置客户群-群模版一次在多个客户群中开启客服助理。 2. 机器人 - 添加知识库时支持添加相似问法了。 - 支持查看客户咨询较多的问题。 - 可以查看更多机器人的数据统计。 - 支持快速启用机器人、编辑知识库、查看数据。 3. 管理与效率 - 企业可查看接待人员和客户的会话记录。 - 可在欢迎语内添加客户咨询较多的问题。 - 支持分帐号配置欢迎语。 - 当接待人员发送的内容有误时可选择撤回了。 - 支持在快捷回复中添加附件。 二、效率工具与基础优化 1. 文档 - 文档、表格在正文和评论中可以@所有人。 - 可以在文档的成员面板里快速发起一个群聊或者会议。 2. 会议 - 支持在新建日程和预约会议时灵活切换类型。 - 预定会议时支持设置指定参会人响铃了。 - 单聊会话中发起的快速会议将自动邀请对方入会。 - 支持在快速会议卡片上呼叫未接听成员了。 3. 微盘 - 支持从微盘相册选择原图发送到聊天。 三、连接上下游持续升级 1. 上下游管理 - 新增上下游联系统计功能,可以查看上下游成员之间

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