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2019.6 by Moment Health Inc

Jul 31, 2019

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Meno telefono. Più vita reale.

Moment enables you to use your phone in a healthy way, giving you back time for the parts of life that matter most.
• See how much time you’re spending on your phone and which apps you’re using most.
• Rethink the way you use your phone, one day at a time, through guided coaching sessions at your own pace.

The Highlights
• Tracks how much you use your phone or tablet automatically.
• Keeps track of what apps you use the most automatically.
• Trains you with the Coach to use your phone less, if that’s your goal.
• Logs how many times you pick up your phone each day.
• Break down each day to see when you’re on your device and what apps you’re using.
• Invisible app. Once you set it up and as long as the app is running in the background, you never have to open it again.

Novità nell'ultima versione 2019.6

Last updated on Sep 23, 2019

Fixed a bug where screen time tracking would stop working if you had restarted your device in some situations.
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Jul 31, 2019

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