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Jun 19, 2019

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Ingenuity REAL 3D doomsdays warfare strategy mobile game!

In the eschaton, how can human beings survive from the brink of doom in the face of groups of zombies? The REAL 3D strategy mobile game of doom warfare ——"Clash of Z: Biohazard " is coming! You will be the leader of human beings, establish a base, reclaim the land, forge abundant of weapon,develop the advanced technology,build strong alliance, fight with your bros!The Eschaton Hero will make outstanding contributions for indomitably living, restore human civilization and the balance of the new world. The exquisite 3D map provides a magnificent perspective. You will take counsel and conquer human heroes, zombies corps, raiders bases! Massive enemies and bloodthirsty zombie are gathered in your gate! Create a military base as the starting point for a great journey, build your exclusive team, the world will wait for you to save in the doomsdays!

-A unique 3D eschaton war strategy mobile game, becoming the doomsday hero to establish a new world rule

-Unprecedented experience of freedom and Immersive! Your military base, your gorgeous heroes, your own zombie army,all of the gameplay is up to you!

-Join the league united with the strongest of the world!Establish the alliance,fight with your brother side by side!The entire zombie dynasty will eventually be destroyed by your battle!

-This is the ultimate game of the last days on earth. As our leader, please show your curiosity and ambition! Lead the regiment to win the biggest victory with the least sacrifice!

-Multi-type heroes will join the fight alongside with you! All the heroes have their own unique skills and attack skills! You can explore more scarce heroes from more levels, and hunt outside of the bastion to create a suit for the most special attributes so that every unique hero can fight for you!

The most shocking zombie game in 2019 is coming, are you ready for the legendary battle in this challenge?

【Contact Us】

You can reach us on the following platforms.

1. Official FACEBOOK Page: https://www.facebook.com/Clash-of-Z-2117043361698369

2. Send an email to community@pwrd.com to contact us.

Novità nell'ultima versione 0.18

Last updated on Jun 19, 2019

New Version Update
1.Optimized the Hero Battle System to bring players smoother game experience.
2.Optimized the ranking system.
3.Adjust the rescue gameplay to enrich the gaming experience.
4.Remade the Mission system to improve early game experience.
5.Added Journey Function, making World Map more convenient.

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