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Birds Game for Kids - tubi di pugni e calci!

Are you looking for fun games for kids to destroy something? If yes, then this Birds Game for Kids is made for you. Take control of the crazy birds and try to survive as long as possible.

Will you be able to break all the obstacles in your way? Will you be able to crush the pipe with one kick, or even better - several in a row? Yes, for this you need to be a specially prepared, trained, and powerful warrior. It's almost a fantasy, an unreal dream. Do not despair! Welcome to the game for kids is a funny arcade for you. Cool battle birds will help kids feel like first-class fighters, daring robbers, hungry for a fight! The game for kids is about how much time you can stay alive when your bird finally falls. How many points are you able to earn?

If you wanted to burn off stress then this birds game is very addictive. Also, this awesome game for kids is not easy! Game requires focus, skills, and strategy to find optimal variant passing barriers. Рow can this be done? Like in any of the bird games for kids you simply tap on the screen and a humorous bird makes a strike on the pipe. Players must apply their brains and reactions. Think, strategize, predict, and planing birds to punch or kick before approaching every tube & win points and open even stronger birds! So, flap through the colored world and assist your feathered birds in flutter wings, crush tubes, and have pleasure by using the game! This game for kids is easy to pick up, but challenging to master.

Features of Birds Game for Kids:
- Help the birds to flitter as long as you can
- Addictive game for kids with fly
- Intuitive interface - easy one-touch controls
- No internet game and offline game
- Game with endless mode. How long can your bird stay flying?
- Bright stylized 2D art animation, original music, sounds
- Three birds with their own characteristics
- Game for kids that don’t take up much space
- Smooth gameplay, no performance problems
- Improve your response time and ninja game skills
- Tension relieving action flying bird game

Are you tired after a hard day? Birds Game for Kids is a wonderful way to relieve stress and relax while flapping and punching obstacles. Take your bird and discover new land. Deserve coins while you perform an action to unlock different birds! Climb to the top against your kids, family, and friends. Build up points for the daily, weekly, or yearly high score.

Why Bird Game for Kids needs to be played? The answer is crazy fast speed, nice game play, delightful colorful graphics, and a great time killer game. A lot of amusing playing and enjoying of entertainment challenge. The birds game is fun and addictive, and you can unlock even more birds!

So, are you a birds games fan and looking for the one cute game for kids? Then this is a game for you! Let's download Bird Game for Kids! If you like this adventure game, then share it with friends. Birds Game for Kids is waiting for you!

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Last updated on Sep 27, 2022

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