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Biblia Takatifu

na Sauti, Swahili audio Bible

1.6.2 for Android

Robert Londo

La descrizione di Biblia Takatifu

Biblia Takatifu application enables you to read the Biblia Takatifu offline without the need of internet connection.

Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu contains a total of 66 books. The 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament.

The Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu is designed to allow you to customize it to your needs, for example, you can easily highlight the paragraphs with various colors, also you can add bookmarks so you can easily find verses when you need to read them later.

Looking for a word in the Swahili Bible?. With the help of built in advanced search feature you can find any word faster in the entire Swahili Bible, Biblia takatifu and the results are categorized in New and Old Testaments which shows how many times a word has appeared.

You can also share with friends any verse from the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu via SMS or social networks such as Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp.

Download the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu application today and carry God's Word wherever you go!

★ Read the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu without the need of internet connection
★ Get daily verse in the Swahili bible, Biblia Takatifu at the specified time in the Holy Bible.
★ Searching for any word or words in the Bibilia Takatifu, Swahili Bible or in the Old and New Testament.
★ Selecting night or day themes to help you read easily depending on the environment.
★ You can change the verse font size of the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu.
★ Changing font types for Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu verses
★ Find the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu books easily after searching.
★ Highlight verses in the Swahili Bible, Biblia Takatifu in different colors (About eight colors)
★ Store bookmarks to find your favorite Holy Bible verse easily and quickly
★ Document and organize Swahili bible, biblia takatifu bookmarks in various colors

1. Genesis
2. Exodus
3. Leviticus
4. Numbers
5. Deuteronomy
6. Joshua
7. Judges
8. Ruth
9. 1 Samuel
10. 2 Samuel
11. 1 Kings
12. 2 Kings
13. 1 Chronicles
14. 2 Chronicles
15. Ezra
16. Nehemiah
17. Esther
18. Job
19. Psalms
20. Proverbs
21. Ecclesiastes
22. Song of Solomon
23. Isaiah
24. Jeremiah
25. Lamentations
26. Ezekiel
27. Daniel
28. Hosea
29. Joel
30. Amos
31. Obadiah
32. Jonah
33. Micah
34. Nahum
35. Habakkuk
36. Zephaniah
37. Haggai
38. Zechariah
39. Malachi

1. Matthew
2. Mark
3. Luke
4. John
5. Acts (of the Apostles)
6. Romans
7. 1 Corinthians
8. 2 Corinthians
9. Galatians
10. Ephesians
11. Philippians
12. Colossians
13. 1 Thessalonians
14. 2 Thessalonians
15. 1 Timothy
16. 2 Timothy
17. Titus
18. Philemon
19. Hebrews
20. James
21. 1 Peter
22. 2 Peter
23. 1 John
24. 2 John
25. 3 John
26. Jude
27. Revelation

Biblia Takatifu 1.6.2 Aggiornare

Makosa ya uandishi katika kitabu cha Yeremia sura ya 52 yamerekebishwa

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