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Apr 26, 2018

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Autodesk Università di Las Vegas è l'applicazione mobile ufficiale per il 2017 UA

AU Mobile is the official mobile app for this year’s annual AU conference in Las Vegas. Use it to manage your schedule, glean valuable info in real time, and connect with the entire group.

Email aumobile@autodesk.com for support.

(Please Note – In order to provide you with certain app features, and to improve this app, we receive both individual (identified) and aggregated product usage data. Please read the data collection notice at the end of this description. If you do not agree to this data collection, do not download or use this app.)


Autodesk respects your privacy. For details, please see our Privacy Statement located at www.autodesk.com/privacy and specific Privacy Notices and Data Collection Notices in our applications.

In order to provide you with certain app features and to support ongoing efforts to improve our users' experience, Autodesk receives individual and aggregated product usage information about this application from DoubleDutch. This information is collected by DoubleDutch and then presented to Autodesk in both individual (identified) and aggregated form. This information consists of: product launch and closure which allows us to calculate length and number of application sessions; session start/stop time; events, errors and page views (for example, clicking on buttons or links, and whether or not it worked); application commands and operations used (including status updates, user connections, likes, favorites, comments, and photos shared); points and badges awarded; participation in surveys & polls; messages (promoted posts); as well as general device information such as OS version.

Users of DoubleDutch mobile applications can create social profiles that display their Job Title, Company, Links to Profiles on Public Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and Activity. In addition, users can fill out a free form, "About Me" text box. This information is displayed on a profile page within the app, accessible to other users of the same app via Search, Activity Feed, and User Directory. These profiles are ONLY accessible to users of the same app; in other words, each DoubleDutch mobile application is a silo in which data is kept separate from other DoubleDutch mobile applications.

Email address is never displayed publicly in the app.

In addition, users of DoubleDutch mobile applications are able to "Check In" to or rate various objects within the applications. These objects might include agenda sessions, exhibitors, speakers, and locations. These "check-ins" and ratings are posted in the activity feeds of the mobile application, but are not accessible to users of other DoubleDutch mobile applications.

Location data is collected by DoubleDutch and used to provide certain functionality in the app; for example, to detect the user's location at the moment they post in the Activity feed. Users must allow the app to access their location on the first use (it is turned off by default) and it can be turned off at any point in time after that. For clarity, Autodesk will not receive geo-location data (i.e. GPS coordinates) from DoubleDutch.

DoubleDutch also may access the Camera on your device to allow you to take a picture and post it in the Activity feed inside the app. The user must give access to his photo library to select a profile picture for sharing inside the app. This access can be turned off by the user as well. Autodesk may receive information about the use of this feature, and may receive access to photos the user elects to share, but will not receive access to users' Cameras from DoubleDutch.

Additional information about DoubleDutch mobile applications and privacy can be found at http://doubledutch.me/privacy.html

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Last updated on Apr 26, 2018

Bug fixes.

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