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Angador - The Dungeon Crawl

1.4 for Android

Joerg Jahnke

La descrizione di Angador - The Dungeon Crawl

Enter the dungeon of Angador, explore its uncounted levels, smash its monstrous inhabitants and collect their treasures. Use the auto-play mode to stay idle and have the game AI control your character through the dungeon - or control the hero yourselves.

Choose Elf, Dwarf or Human and pick one of eight pre-made character classes (Fighter, Thief, Adventurer, Cleric, Mage, Paladin, Ranger or Berserker) to start your adventure. If you don't want a pre-made class then you can individually select talents, set the main attributes and develop skills and thus fully customize your hero character yourselves. Each character can develop over a dozen skills and up to four spells, depending on the class or talents selection.

The adventure starts above ground, where you can also find a merchant who will buy your loot and sell potions and new items to your hero. Inside the dungeon you will find a typical dungeon crawl game, where monsters inhabit the endless levels and guard their treasures. With every level you go down the monsters become more and more dangerous and their treasures more valuable. Try to get as far as possible to rise up the ranks in the leaderboards!

If you like the game, please rate it! If you don't like it, then please contact me and give feedback how to improve it. Thanks!

Available game settings to customize the game: Sound on/off, music on/off, full screen mode on/off, pixelated "retro" graphics / normal graphics, tutorial messages on/off.

Features to be added in later releases: Quests, more monsters, more armor and weapon abilities, more boss monster encounters, more classes.

Angador - The Dungeon Crawl 1.4 Aggiornare

- show magic, rare and legendary items with a special color
- thrown weapons now have their own sound for hit and miss
- added leaderboards for highest level character per race
- briefly describe the different item abilities on the help page
- smaller improvements and bug fixes

Additional Information

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Ultima versione: 1.4Richiedi aggiornamento Angador - The Dungeon Crawl

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Requisiti: Android 7.0+

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