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Children Education: learn english, number games for toddlers, cartoons for kids

Welcome to Keiki children games - education for toddlers! Learn and play 123 numbers, toddler puzzles, math games for kids, colors and shapes, ABC games for kids.

Keiki puzzle games for toddler - preschool learning games for kids puzzle were developed by child education experts to make screen time fun & useful at the same time! We have different ABC games for toddlers and babies:


Funny songs for kids & toddlers! Sing along the favorite educational songs in a 100% safe environment without ads. Help kids to learn letters and numbers, animals, body parts, colors, alphabet, phonics and shapes with our songs!

🎭 DIDI CARTOONS & school games for kids

Try our new educational puzzles games for kids! These baby puzzles with cars & animals are the best kids logic games.

🧩 ABC PUZZLE GAMES - writing games for baby

ABC toddler games that train letter recognition & basic phonics. Select the letter & put it in the relevant slot. Early learning alphabet match games for toddlers and kids & ABC learning games are fun with baby jigsaw puzzle! ABC games for kids 4-5 years old


Introducing writing big and small letters for kids in school games for kids.


While the puzzles for toddlers messed up, your child needs to figure out how to rotate each part for settling the picture on the kids puzzles free.


Classic jigsaw toddler puzzles with funny pictures & adjustable difficulty levels. Interesting kids brain development games for 3 years!


Fruits & vegetable pre k learning games! Your baby can learn fruits & vegetables while collecting the harvest with Didi. These toddler matching games train attention, alertness & shapes for toddlers preschool recognition. Preschool learning is fun!


Cooking is fun both in the kitchen & in our baby learning game. Catch ingredients, eat with a spoon, & use a napkin to clean Didi's face. Funny games for 3 year old boys & girls!

🧠 MEMORY CARDS. Kindergarten learning games for baby!

Can your child find all the pairs of cards in our memory games for kids of 3 to 4 years? Flip the card over, remember & find the pair with kids' brain trainer. This nice memory match puzzle games for kids cover different topics: alphabet preschool, kids & toddler letters and numbers learning, animals, food, match shapes & colors, toys. The difficulty level can be adjusted in our memory games for toddlers, so your child won’t be bored! Try OUR memory game for toddlers!


In these educational toys colorful bugs, crabs & mice escape & your child needs to collect them back to the baskets of the same color. Baby puzzle games and toddler brain games are an easy way to learn colors & objects. These prek games for toddlers & kids train color recognition and fine motor skills. Learn animals, matching shapes, & colors for kids in game with puzzles for toddlers.


Understanding of combining letters into first animal preschool word puzzles - free for kids is as important as alphabet match games for kids & learning phonics. The letters for kids should be put in the correct order to make the first words in our ABC games for baby.

🐠 COLOR FISH - games for 3 year old boys & girls

Shape games colors & free preschool games for kids and toddler can be easy! Fun preschool apps of object based learning colors for kids: a child needs to collect a fish of a particular color in a castle. A good way of learning colors for kids with baby education preschool learning games free & educational toddler games.

We continuously work on the improvement of our 123 numbers learning and sorting games for babies, so don’t hesitate to subscribe now & get even more smart baby ABC educational games for preschoolers in upcoming updates!

Sincerely yours, Keiki Team 🧡

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Hey! We made minor bug fixes and small enhancements to make learning more comfortable and even more fun.

There are always new things happening in a Keiki World. Update now for the best learning experience!

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