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Hearts का वर्णन


Main characteristics:
- Play Hearts against three CPU
- Four-color deck (each suit has a different color)
- It includes help and play explanation
- Settings: Cards size, deck type (four-color or classic), cards back color, sound, animations, speed, scoreboard, table color, see names on the table cards,...
- Scores: Hands, matches, best and worst,...
- Achievements: They allow to achieve experiencie points
- Save and load game
- Landscape and vertical orientation
- Move to SD

- Hearts game is ended by someone reaching or going over 100 points (by default), and the winner is the player with the lowest score at this point
- A match has several hands where all the cards are dealt out one at a time, so that everyone has 13. The person who played the highest card of the suit led wins the trick and leads to the next trick

Scoring Hearts:
- Players’ points are added to their scoreboards at the finish of each hand
- Each heart scores one point, and the queen of spades scores 13 points

The rules settings allow changing some of this rules:
- Game points: 50 or 100 points
- The first trick is lead by the player holding the 2 of clubs (by default) or not (in this case the first hand leading player is selected aleatory)
- It’s possible to allow to play penalty points (hearts and the queen of spades) at first trcik or not
- Queen of spades breaks hearts or not
- It’s illegal or not to play queen of spades as lead card if hearts aren’t break
- Shooting the moon increases all player’ scores by 26 points or player score is reduced by 26 points
- Allow card passing or not

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Hearts 1.201 अद्यतन

New player indicator that is in turn
Fixed error when showing in scores number of moons
Minor improvements and corrections

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श्रेणी: फ्री कार्ड गेम

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Uploaded by: Pýâē Sóñē

नवीनतम संस्करण: 1.201निवेदन Hearts अपडेट

Available on: Hearts Google Play प्राप्त करें

जरूरतें: Android 4.0+

रिपोर्ट: अनुपयुक्त के तौर पर फ्लैग करें

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