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4.4 for Android


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FretBuzz is an application for practicing scales and arpeggios on guitar or bass guitar.

It uses CAGED system, a system that is widely used by guitar players.

It has support for left handed players.
It has support for six string guitar, bass guitar and five string bass guitar.

It covers the below scales and arpeggios;

Seventh and Sixth Chords
Pentatonic Scales
Blues Scales
Major Scale Modes
Melodic Minor Scale Modes
Harmonic Minor Scale Modes
Bebop Scales
Diminished Scales
Whole Tone Scales

The app is focused on CAGED system and learning individual "shapes" for all the above listed arpeggios and scales. Once this is accomplished you can play any arpeggio/scale in all available positions on the fretboard.

For each CAGED shape two fretboard diagrams are displayed, one with the note names (C, D, E...), one with intervals (1, 2, 3...).

Learning the intervals within each shape will make learning new scales easier. For example; if you learn major scale shapes this way, to play the mixolydian mode you will just change the 7 to a flat 7 (b7) in every shape. For major pentatonic scale you will just take the intervals 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 from the major scale shapes. In the long run this way of thinking will enable you to play any mode, pentatonic scale or arpeggio on the entire fretboard. This will also help you when learning chords (Shells, Drop 2, Drop 3, Drop 2 & 4) and their inversions.

This application is like a Volume I to my more in depth application FretBuzz Augmented which utilizes scales and arpeggios in common jazz progressions.

There are no distracting ads in the application. The only ad shown is a link to my developer page on Google Play.

For any questions about this application or about CAGED system you can contact me via my developer account.

Thank you.

FretBuzz 4.4 अद्यतन

Added my developer page link to home page.

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श्रेणी: फ्री शिक्षा ऐप

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Uploaded by: Emin Višnjić

नवीनतम संस्करण: 4.4निवेदन FretBuzz अपडेट

Available on: FretBuzz Google Play प्राप्त करें

जरूरतें: Android 6.0+

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