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3in1 music app: MP3 Player - Equalizer - Bass Booster All-in-one Music Volume EQ

इक्वालाइज़र+ को जानें, एंड्रॉयड के लिए सर्वोत्तम ऑल-इन-वन म्यूज़िक प्लेयर, इक्वालाइज़र व बास बूस्टर जो उत्कृष्ट एचडी ध्वनि का गुण प्रस्तुत करता है।
प्रो 7-बैंड इक्वालाइज़र का प्रयोग करते हुए अपना संगीत सुधारें व शक्तिशाली बास वॉल्यूम बूस्टर का निशुल्क आनन्द पायें।
और उत्तम संगीत सुनने के अनुभव हेतु, आपके लिए इक्वालाइज़र+ आपके ट्रैकों के बीच निर्विघ्न पारगमन सुनिश्चित करेगा।

गुणवत्ता-केन्द्रित, निशुल्क और उपयोग में आसान इक्वालाइज़र+ आपके लिए सुंदर और अनुकूल इंटरफ़ेस प्रस्तुत करता है ताकि आप अनुपम संगीत के क्षणों का आनन्द ले सकें।

*अपने ट्रैकों की ध्वनि को मिलायें, संपादन करें और रूची के अनुसार बनायें। अपने ऑडियो अनुभव का आनन्द लें।*

- 5-band equalizer (from bass to high): tailor your audio to your taste
- 10 pro sound presets based on various genres: acoustic, classical, dance, electro, flat, hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, and rock for the best audio experience
- possibility to save and edit your own custom presets
- powerful bass volume booster: control the depth of your track with the booster level control
- visualizers: link audio with visuals. Watch your sound move thanks to 5 differents awesome effects
- DJ mode (fade): the app will take care of the transitions for you
- queue system: prepare your tracklist in advance
- background play mode: listen to your favorites songs while consulting other apps
- 3-status'repeat' function: repeat 1 song, repeat a playlist, no repetition
- shuffle function: play your songs in random mode
- music progression bar: for an easy navigation within your sound

- local music: automatically retrieve your local songs on the app
- local folders access
- create playlists directly from the app
- access in a clic: recent tracks, songs, artists, albums , genres, and playlists
- contextual pro search feature that gives results sorted by songs, artists, albums, or playlists
- edit the metadata of your tracks directly from the app

- 2 widgets available: access from your main screen the presets, and/or the player controls
- sleep mode: set your timer...and fall asleep listening to your favorite tracks!
- clip finder: free yourself from searching music videos, the app can automatically find them for you
- network visibility option: when activated, users connected to the same wifi network can access each other musical library from Equalizer+. No download necessary, just local streaming.
- cover arts option: we can automatically find covers for your tracks if needed
- possibility to share your favorite tracks to your friends directly from the app
- compatibility Android TV, Android Wear, Android Auto
- all features are free! The only inapp purchase is the 'no-ad', that removes the ads, but don't worry awesome discounts are available every week :)

- website: http://equalizerpl.us/
- facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equalizerplus/
- twitter: https://twitter.com/EqualizerPlus
A question? A suggestion? Needs help with something? Contact our team at support@equalizerpl.us :)
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Nov 16, 2022

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