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AR | Augmented Reality Messenger & Network

2.2.0 for Android

Rhizomenet Pty. Ltd.

Penjabaran dari ZOME

ZOME is an AR | Augmented Reality Messenger and Network, where you can create and share your own digital content anywhere in the world instead of just being online.

ZOME messages exist in space and time - it can be linked to your desired locations and points in time.

You can add Appearing and Disappearing Timers for your content to become available in the future or self-destruct at a specific time; you can also choose who gets to see your AR messages and set a limit on how many people can discover and collect them.

May ZOME help you to create, explore, share knowledge and memories with each other. Let the whole world be your canvas, literally! Your imagination has no limits.

When you are in the "ZOME" you can:

• Leave your memories at places.

• Plant a secret message for someone to discover.

• Be everywhere instead of just being on-line.

• Curate your own personal maps of the world with recommendations for family and friends.

• Create time capsules for loved ones to open on specific dates in the future.

• Set up location and time based challenges and treasure hunts.

• Gamify your content and messages using our Riddle/Secret Key features.

• Make messages self-delete with our customizable Disappearing and Appearing Timers.

• Attach user generated AR content to business cards and merchandise through ZOME AR QR codes.

• Plant location and time specific information for selected people or home hotel guests.

• Design your own AR invites - great for gatherings, openings, fashion shows and festivals.

• Go green. Be completely paperless, free of printouts, brochures, pamphlets etc.

• Publish your music, art, fashion collections and writing anywhere in the world in space and time.

• Find out about promotions based on where you are right at that moment.

• Market your business and products with AR cards that users can collect, keep and share.

• Use our Collection Limit feature for coupons, discount codes, prizes and tracking your patron lists.

• Customise your own AR platform for museums, galleries, art fairs, biennials etc.

• Learn and share knowledge about places of interest and special events.

• Leave memos, music and memories along your journeys.

• Make education more fun through the process of discovery.

• Advertise without the need of physical signage, perfect for tourism and heritage sites.

• Embark on new adventures guided by the things and people you love.

Happy Zoming ;) Your imagination has no limits!

ZOME 2.2.0 Memperbarui

ZOME is a free AR messenger and network. We update the app regularly to make the platform even better. Hope you enjoy this latest version, with newly added functionalities and improvements including:

• Adjustable AR message visibility & visitability ranges (for business account holders).
• New and improved app navigation.
• New message draft system.
• Updated audio attachment thumbnail system.
• Performance optimization.
• Various minor bug fixes.


Additional Information

Kategori: Gratis Sosial APLIKASI

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: Lynn

Versi Terbaru: 2.2.0Permintaan ZOME Update

Available on: Mendapatkan ZOME di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 6.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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