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Youtubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social

Version 3.90 for Android

Megamind Core

Penjabaran dari Youtubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social

YouTubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social is a social app for Youtubers for communicating with other YouTubers.
Its main features are:
1. Build your profile Page
2. Promote your video
3. Promote your channel
4. Watch interesting videos
5. Make more friends
6. Live chat - Voice recognized & auto speak
7. Get channel data Like the number of views, subscribers, channel logo
8. Get stylist notification
9. Custom settings

I build this app for Youtubers By Keep in mind that It should help all Youtubers to communicate with each other and share their experience through their videos and channel.

Diamond System:
Diamonds will be given to the users if they view the video & watch ads. It will help you to promote your channel and videos. If you have more diamonds then your Profile will in the top of the Global profiles.

Live Chat:
The Live Chat will help you to chat with your clan members and You can send emojis also.
The live notification will be sent to the user with whom you are chatting. Notification launched with a unique sound to attract user attention. Even you can use voice recognition to type your message and listen to other messages using auto speech.

Several settings could be chosen by the user Such as:
a)-Sound System -ON/OFF
b)-Notification -ON/OFF
c)-Pop Up Window -ON/OFF
d)-Rotation -On/OFF
e)-Auto Speak-On/OFF

Update Profile:
We allow you to change your profile data at any time. In Update Profile, you have to insert your basic information like your name, age, gender, and phone number. You can update the offline profile by just clicking on the "Update Profile" on the Home page.

Channel Statistics data :
We provide you information about the number of subscribers, views, video uploaded, description, channel banner, channel name, etc of your channel. If you want the current data then just click on the "update channel data" on the Home Page-"upload" button.

This section contains all the videos of other YouTubers who are using the YouTubers clan and promoting their videos.

Build Clan:
You could build your friend circle just by adding Global users to your clan or by chatting with them. You could add only 5 members to your clan at once. You could delete clan members just by "Long Holding selected friend" and then select "remove from the clan."

Select Your Channel:
You can select your channel By "searching" your channel and selecting your channel from the list And "Confirm".

Update Video Status:
There are two ways available:
a)-Click on Upload Video from your channel and then click on your favorite video and then click confirm if your video details are correct.
b)-Write your unique video id in the search box and click on search. If your video id is correct then Video details appear in front of you. Click confirm to update the video status.

Notification History:
We allow you to see all the notifications sent to you Moreover, it does not matter whether you are using your phone or not.

You can use different gmail accounts with different profiles by using google sign up. You can find this option in the navigation.

You can contact us at any time by writing a Gmail to us. We will try to reply to your mail within 1-3 days.

Report against Users:
If someone is in your clan and then you can report against him by just holding selected users and selecting the report option. Then a mail appears where you have to write the problem in detail.

Here you could get the latest offers of our app such as no-promotional advertisement, buying diamonds, premium membership,etc.

Youtubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social Version 3.90 Memperbarui

Updated: Refreshed Your data after every 45 minutes!

1. Auto Country Filter
2. Advanced Scrolling View For Watch Video
3. Less Error in Subscribing method
4. Remove Annoying Ads
5. Fast Response and No Error
6. Premium Users Local Country Cost (for 1 month)(For 0.9$)
7. Add Subs and Video Campaign Available
8. Adjust for all Screen Sizes
9. Update Data More Accurately
Enjoy the new YouTubers Clan App Update - Version 3.87

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Additional Information

Kategori: Gratis Sosial APLIKASI

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: Thuzaw Lin

Versi Terbaru: Version 3.90Permintaan Youtubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social Update

Available on: Mendapatkan Youtubers Clan: Sub4Sub Social di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 5.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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