Tentang XRay Scanner Camera Effect


Scan anyone with this xray cam! Play pranks with this live xray scan effect!

Scan anyones body with this xray cam! Prank your family and friends with this real live xray camera effect. Use this app to play tricks on your friends and family. The algorithms in this app create an effect which seems nearly real to unsuspecting people. Take pictures and share them with online on your favourite social networks.

- Believable xray scan cam effect reproduction
- Live cam preview
- Prank your family
- Make fools out of friends with this joke camera
- High quality xray picture saving
- Scan skeletons, skulls, bones and other body parts
- Beautiful and sexy UI
- So real you'll forget it's just an effect

This app is for entertainment purposes only. The results obtained from this app in no way reflect real xray cam scan data.

Usage tips for best results:
* Try to hold the camera as steady as possible
* You need at least a small amount of light to make good pictures

This app is completely free. A ad window will sometimes get displayed on you phone's screen.

Please contact us in case of bugs.
I'd be also happy to receive new feature suggestions from you.

Enjoy :)
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Sep 30, 2018

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