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3.4.3 for Android

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Better Grades Are a Tap Away
The Wyzant App makes it easy for parents and students to instantly connect with expert tutors for in-person and online lessons.

Find your ideal tutor. We have more tutors covering more subjects than anywhere else. Easily compare tutors and their ratings, student reviews, backgrounds, and fees.
Instantly connect. Chat in real time. Ask tutors questions, and get answers right away.
Enjoy easy booking. See tutors’ schedules and book lessons at times that work for you.
Track progress. See all lesson summaries and messages in one place.
Get helpful reminders. See upcoming lessons and other important notifications right on your phone.
Give feedback. Add a review to your tutor’s profile after your first lesson.

Expert Help In Math, Test Prep, and Much More
We have thousands of professional tutors with more certified and retired teachers than anywhere else. Whether you want your elementary school child to learn core skills or need help with college level or higher classes, we can help you find your ideal tutor.

Get expert help for you or any part of your child’s education:
Tutors for K-5. Help your elementary school child be more confident both in and out of the classroom. Build core skills in reading, writing, math, and studying.
Middle school and high school tutors. From chemistry to calculus, we have experts ready to help your child succeed. Help your child ace exams, get help with difficult subjects, and stay on track for college.
College tutors. From last-minute study help to ongoing lessons to help tackle difficult subjects, we have tutors specializing in over 200 subjects, so you can always find the right expert for you.
Math tutors. Get expert help in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and every advanced math class in between.
Test prep tutors. We have professional tutors who specialize in helping students prep for tests, so you can be confident on your test day. Find expert tutors for ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, and much more.
Language tutors. No matter which language you want to master, we can put you in touch with an expert tutor—from English, to Spanish, to French, and beyond.
Online tutoring. We make it get tutoring services right when you need them. Just meet with a tutor online.

Expert Tutors Right at Your Fingertips
We make it easy to quickly connect with tutors and stay in touch, while you’re on the go.

See tutors’ schedules at a glance.
Set up regular lesson times easily to help you meet your goals. You can also see if your tutor is available for a last-minute lesson before a test or any time you want an extra study session.

Meet with your tutor online or in person.
Tutor profiles on Wyzant will tell you if a tutor offers both in-person and online lessons. Meet with your tutor where and when it works best for you.

See messages in one place, at any time.
With the Wyzant App for Students, you can chat with tutors in real time, see your new messages when you’re on the go, get reminders about upcoming lessons, and keep track of your progress by viewing your lesson summaries.

Find an expert anytime you need one.
With the Wyzant App for Students, you can quickly connect with new subject matter experts—from chemistry to Spanish tutors—any time you need one. Plus, get homework help, prep for an exam, or answers to your questions quickly and easily.

How It Works
Start learning with your ideal tutor today.
1. Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll introduce you to the experts.
2. Instantly connect with tutors who fit your needs and your schedule.
3. Easily add your payment information and book lessons on the go.
4. See grades and confidence improve!

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Wyzant 3.4.3 Memperbarui

Fixed: Some bugs when running on Android 11. Like being unable to add upcoming lessons to the calendar, sending files from your Drive account, or links not redirecting where they should.
Fixed: Some other issues and crashes.
Improved: Some under-the-hood updates and improvements.

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Kategori: Gratis Pendidikan APLIKASI

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Uploaded by: Sorakol Sarikanon

Versi Terbaru: 3.4.3Permintaan Wyzant Update

Available on: Mendapatkan Wyzant di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 6.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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