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Surah Jinn

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Penjabaran dari Surah Jinn

It has been narrated from the Prophet (prayers of Allah be upon him and his family) that: “He who recites this Surah (Suratul Jinn) will be given the reward of freeing (from slavery) as many Jinn and Devils that both believed in and belied Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny)
It has been related from (ash-Shaikh) as-Saduq (may Allah be pleased with him) by his own chain of narrators from Hannan ibn Sadir from Abi `Abdillah (Imam Ja`far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq (peace be upon him)) that he (the Imam) said:
“Whosoever recites Suratul Jinn will never be touched by the evil eye, magic, witchcraft or the evil plots of the Jinn while in this world, and that person will be in the company of Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny) and will beseech the Almighty by saying, 'O' Allah! I do not want anyone besides him!' nor will this person ever be pleased with anyone else.”

However, the benefits that can be attained are not limited to simply the recitation of this Surah, rather the reading is simply the introduction to understanding its contents, and thus acting upon it is also necessary if we are to benefit from its recitation.
Suratul Jinn was revealed in Makkah after Suratul A`raf and before the revelation of Surah Yasin and is the fortieth Surah to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad (prayers of Allah be upon him and his family). This Surah is the seventy-second Surah in the present compilation of the Qur'an and contains twenty-eight verses.

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