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Sand Balls

Puzzle Game

2.1.0 for Android


Penjabaran dari Sand Balls

Catch a ball!

Turn right, now a bit left and again right, than create more empty space for free movement of a ball and finally… Yes! Catch it!

Please be careful and highly attentive as it is not a simple football or volleyball. It is still a game but with a sand ball! Have you ever experienced it?

Despite consisting of sand, it is not typically yellow. Guess, what color can be a sand ball? 🧶 Orange, green, pink, purple, blue and many other vibrant colors of rainbow and beyond it – your imagination will truly fly away!

Why do you need to collect these sand balls?

The first reason sounds like «Just for fun» and it is completely true. Why not? Every person deserves to relax after such a hectic working pace and this game knows how to manage it! Simple actions, cool and fresh design, great variety of tasks - the game includes dozens and dozens of levels – you will spend your spare time with pleasure.

The second reason is strategic character. The app offers you a tricky puzzle where you are supposed to think carefully in order to succeed in passing the level: gather colorful balls together into the lorry and transfer 🚚 them to the wonderful island located in the middle of nowhere. What is the aim?

Actually, here we have approached to the third reason. The game is well organized in terms of plot. It means that while playing you will be provided with challenging goals and inspiring missions such as repairing buildings and advancing overall infrastructure of the beautiful island. 🏖️

To sum up, collecting the balls can be a good way to have a rest after long day and improve your logical thinking at the same time. Press the button and download!

The bubble of additional interest is gained through

⚈ Golden keys. They open the boxes with different surprises inside and even money.
⚈ Sticks and other obstacles are on the way. It is not a piece of cake!
⚈ Secret weapon that can destroy all balls. (You can restart the level.)
⚈ Long and various routes. They look like real puzzle. What road will you choose? Try to avoid being lost!
⚈ Special white bubble. It converts into… will learn on your own.

Make sure that you have discovered all possible WOW-effects…and hurry up as your first lorry is coming! Do not lose your chance to build an island!

P.S. or maybe not only one incredible island, but several of them…

Sand Balls 2.1.0 Memperbarui

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Additional Information

Kategori: Gratis Teka-teki PERMAINAN

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: Hardiansyah

Versi Terbaru: 2.1.0Permintaan Sand Balls Update

Available on: Mendapatkan Sand Balls di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 4.4+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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