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Positional: GPS, Compass, Level, Time, Sun, Moon

build93 for Android

Hamza Rizwan

Penjabaran dari Positional: GPS, Compass, Level, Time, Sun, Moon

Positional is a location based app that utilizes the phone's GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address and similar other information and show it in easily understandable format to the user. Along side this main functionality of being a location app, Positional also provides a separate panel for Compass, Level and Clock and they serve their own purpose as the name suggests.

Compass provides info related to direction using Geomagnetic field, Clock fetches the time related information based on the current location, time zone and also sun's information like Sunset, Sunrise, Twilight and many other info while the level can be used to get the plain deviation info and for many other purposes using this geo-gravity field

On top of all the core functionality Positional is a highly polished app and provides another layer of a very carefully handcrafted minimal designs that organises every information in a very pleasant way and still maintains to do what a location app is supposed to do

What this app has -
• Easy to use
• Smooth, with fluid animations
• Minimal UI
• Customizable with various options to choose from
• Magnetic Compass
• Compass Sensor Speed
• Minimal Map (with and without labels)
• GPS information
• Elegant graphs
• Speedometer upto 600 km/h or mph
• Altitude
• Distance
• Displacement
• Movement direction
• Clock
• Clock motion types
• Local Time zone
• UTC Time zone
• Sun Position, Time etc
• Moon Position, Time, Phases, Angles
• Moon dates
• Twilight (Astronomical, Nautical and Civil)
• Moon Illumination
• High contrast map
• Dark Mode
• Automatic day night mode based on time
• X-Y Coordinate based level meter
• Units (Imperial and Metric)
• Custom location mode
• Completely Ad-Free

What this app does not do -
• Does not find nearby places
• Does not show any ads to the user
• Does not collects any sensitive information
• All calculations are done solely inside the app, no location data is sent to any kind of server

What this full version has
• Bloom effect
• Various bloom styles
• Custom location mode using latitude and longitude
• More than 50 splash screens
• and most important, it supports development

If you just found this app and want to try it, I suggest you try the lite/free version first, you can get the lite version of this app from here:

If you want to contribute to translate the app in your native language, you can do so here:

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Versi Terbaru: build93Permintaan Positional: GPS, Compass, Level, Time, Sun, Moon Update

Available on: Mendapatkan Positional: GPS, Compass, Level, Time, Sun, Moon di Google Play

Persyaratan: 6.0 and up

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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