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PopFaces - Recognize celebrities and sports stars

PopFaces for Android


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Penjabaran dari PopFaces - Recognize celebrities and sports stars

Recognize any celebrity in an instant - no more guessing! Point your mobile device at any screen or image, and instantaneously know who you're looking at (if the person is a celebrity). Our app gives you the power of facial recognition in the palm of your hands to get relevant information about the famous person immediately.

What You Can Do With PopFaces

Never be left guessing who you’re watching on TV, online, reading about in a magazine, or see on a street poster or banner!

The PopFaces app allows you to instantly recognize a famous person’s face and will give you information about them as well as links to their profiles and more. All of this is done over a long distance: up to 10 meters/ 33 feet away! No other application can do that!

Switch to a selfie camera and see who you look alike!

Using The App:

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Open the app - Scan the Face - Read the Information.

Open the app on your mobile device (phone or tablet).
Sign in with your Google Account
Start scanning your screen or an image you are interested in. The app will quickly use its curated database to recognize and provide information (social pages and wiki articles) on whichever celebrity is in front of you.

Also: You can access our curated databases without scanning
Go to the home screen and pick any category in front of you and browse the list of famous people.
Once you find a person of interest, click on the name and read the summary and follow the further links if interested.

Technical specifications:
-Android 9 or newer
-8-core Snapdragon 730, Kirin 810, or similar /better processors (min 3 GB of RAM)

Privacy and Security

Our technology is built with ethical responsibility and data security in mind so that you and your data are always safe! PopFaces does not store any external data while you are using the app, no pictures are made/stored. PopFaces simple compares images of famous people on a screen with
images from a database.

If you choose to participate and be part of our database in the future, that would be an opt-in decision, and only with your direct permission would we create a unique numerical code that only works with our technology: it cannot be transferred anywhere else.

PopFaces - Recognize celebrities and sports stars PopFaces Memperbarui

Do not forget to choose the correct category when recognizing celebrities-If you are watching a movie, please choose a "Cinema" category!
Are you a CELEBRITY and want to be in our catalogs? Now, you can add yourself to models and cinema catalogs, just click the "+" button or get in touch with us at

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