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OneSoil Scouting

Farming Tool

4.9 for Android


Penjabaran dari OneSoil Scouting

Know what's on your fields, keep an eye on plant health, mark problem areas, and harvest on time.

OneSoil Scouting is a free agriculture app for farmers, crop consultants, and agronomists that assists with farming operations and lets you conduct farm monitoring via satellite.

📈 Get vegetation data updates

OneSoil Scouting calculates the vegetation index (NDVI) of a plant using satellite imagery. The field will be divided into colored zones (brown-yellow-green) based on the NDVI value. This helps detect problem areas.
The NDVI updates every 3-5 days if the weather is cloudless. Switch on notifications in app settings to stay on top of updates.

🗺 Automatic field boundary detection

OneSoil Scouting automatically detects your field boundary using satellite images from Sentinel-2. All you need to do is select your fields by tapping them on the map.

Add field notes

You can either choose a pre-selected issue type (e.g., crop diseases, pests, water, weeds, plant lodging) or create a blank note. Customize your note by adding a note color, writing a comment, or adding a photo. The note will be pinned on your field map.
This app just made agronomy easier. The pins can be added remotely from the office or when you're scouting fields. In this case, the satellite can determine your exact geolocation.

💪 Work offline

No Internet connection? No problem! You can still check the last 6 months of NDVI values for your fields, add notes, and edit field info (add new crops, specify their growth stages and seeding dates, and more).

Weather forecast

Check the weather forecast for your field and see our spraying time recommendations.

🌱 Add crop growth stages

Add a growth stage for your crops to plan fieldwork more thoroughly. The current phenophase can be added in the field card.

🔗Share fields and notes

Share your fields and agro notes with your colleagues. They will be able to see the note content and/or vegetation index, but won't be able to make any edits.


🏆The UN-supported WSA Global Congress 2020 ranks our platform as the Best Product in the Environment & Green Energy category.

OneSoil is a member of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

About OneSoil:

We also offer a web app with the following farming tools:

  • Fertilizers: Calculate variable rates to apply nitrogen or phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and then create a task for agricultural machinery equipped with onboard computers.

  • Sowing rate: Calculate variable sowing rates and create a task for agricultural machinery equipped with onboard computers.

  • Weather: See the five-day forecast and growing degree-days and accumulated precipitation charts.

  • Field Data: Visualize the results of your fieldwork that your onboard computer uploads as files.

❓ If you have any questions, please contact us at or in the online chat (Look for the blue icon in your profile tab).

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OneSoil Scouting 4.9 Memperbarui

We've updated notes
We made notes even easier to use and added a new feature — all of the photos you add will now have geolocation tags.

Build a route to your fields
Build a route from your office or home to a particular place in the field that you previously marked with a note!

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Uploaded by: Igor Dias De Azevedo

Versi Terbaru: 4.9Permintaan OneSoil Scouting Update

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Persyaratan: Android 4.4+

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