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Mythology Quiz

5.0.9 for Android
Quizzes by Peaksel
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Rush to the mythology quiz battle, use the power of immortals and command the GODS AND GODDESSES OF ROMAN, NORSE AND GREEK MYTHOLOGY! GET THIS MYTHOLOGY QUIZ GAME NOW!
Are you in constant search of mythical creature quiz games? You are at the right place, as this mythology trivia quiz game covers mythology creatures from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology and all around the world! Norse mythology creatures, such as the notorious sea monster Kraken playing with ships would bring amazing mythology quiz fun facts to life!

Don’t Roman or Greek gods and goddesses impress you? It will take seconds when this mythology trivia quiz questions and answers will bring the image of Jupiter Roman god doing powerful things with his thunderbolt! Or was it Zeus from Greek mythology?! Could you find a way to resist the Sirens’ sweet melody? How would you feel if you knew that Cerberus from Greek mythology guards your door when you sleep at night? Play Mythology Quiz to find out how it’s done!


🧜‍♀️ Enjoy Greek, Roman and Norse mythology quiz questions in English, French and Portuguese
🧚 HINTS - if you get stuck on a certain myth quiz question, hint can be of help OR you can
🦄 SKIP QUESTION, lose one life and move to the next mythology gods quiz question
🐍 HEARTS are your lives, each incorrect answer is one heart less
🌌 ASK A FRIEND for help if you run out of all hints
🌈 CERTIFICATE - you get it once you answer all mythical creature quiz questions


There is a world of Gods of Olympus, or perhaps a heaven of deities, and this classical mythology quiz questions and answers will take you on a divine ride through fascinating mythology stories and tales to meet the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Why is it that all Greek gods enjoy sweet nectar and ambrosia? This mythology trivia quiz with questions and answers gives you a chance to find out.

How much do you actually know about Norse mythology gods and creatures? Odin, the highest of the high, wise and cunning. Thor, Odin’s son, incredibly strong yet not the wisest of gods; and Loki – the son of a giant, a trickster and an unsurpassable manipulator.

Mythology Quiz teaches you the morale of so many stories! Turn your imagination on and enjoy a galore of mythology quiz questions full of pegasus creatures, fairies, elves and what not! Download this Mythology Quiz game now and have fun!


Images used in Mythology Quiz are under Public Domain or Creative Commons License. For more info, please visit the About App section within the app itself.

Mythology Quiz is an intellectual property of Quizzes by Peaksel.

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