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Kselebox for Android
ONRI Studio
This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

Penjabaran dari Kselebox

Kselebox is a Sandbox game, which means that you can do whatever you want in it!
You can build a rocket, and go explore the expanses of space.
Or maybe you want to build a huge car? No problem!
Do whatever you want! There are also missions in the game, you can perform them to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, or if you have run out of ideas.
The game has several maps/worlds, the number of which will be regularly replenished, as well as the number of game items and content!
Players can make their own saves after playing them again.

At the moment, the game has:
100+ Items
1 Game Mode - Sandbox
10+ Tools
45+ Missions
4 Maps - Farm, Space, City, Sea

Basic tools:
1. Moving
You can use this tool to drag and drop objects

2. Rotatable pin
Holds two objects together without blocking the rotation

3. Fixed pin
Holds two objects together while blocking turns between them

4. Signal cable
Sends an activation signal from the source to the connected object

5. Information cable
Transmits information from the information source

6. Fixed cable
Allows you to connect objects together

Kselebox Memperbarui

- Entity control. Can be enabled via the context menu, which closes with a sun lock on the object
- Button to accept tracking removal

- Follow mode can no longer be turned off by clicking on an empty space
- Animation of walking humanoids
- Wire removal changed for optimization
- Entities now grab items in the right place
- Grenade launcher speed

- (?) Problem with sometimes not working interactive buttons on the maps: Space, Bunker, City

Additional Information

Kategori: Gratis Simulasi PERMAINAN

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: Jefferson Lima

Versi Terbaru: Kselebox Update

Available on: Mendapatkan Kselebox di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 5.0+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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