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Epson Run Connect

1.9.5 for Android
Seiko Epson Corporation

Penjabaran dari Epson Run Connect

◆ Important News
If using Android 6.0, please use 6.0.1 or later.
Bluetooth pairing with wrist device may not function properly with 6.0.0.

◆ Description
Run Connect is a free application for EPSON GPS wrist devices (GPS Sports Monitor) (hereinafter called wrist devices).
You can connect the wrist device to Android by Bluetooth SMART and upload the data measured by the wrist device to the web service "RUNSENSE View" that allows you to visually check the data. This is useful when you want to check the detailed data immediately after a competition or training, or when you want to upload data while you are away from home.

◆ Main functions of Run Connect
[Wrist device data listing function]
- Wrist device data list
 The function acquires data from the wrist device and displays a list.
 The function resisters simplified data* to RUNSENSE View as it acquires the data.
- Wrist device data check
 You can select a data item and check the registered simplified data on RUNSENSE View.
- Data upload
 You can select a data item and upload it to RUNSENSE View
*Simplified data: Only measurement data for each lap that does not contain position information.
*You need to perform the "data upload" process to upload the complete (measurement data in indoor mode does not contain the position information).
[RUNSENSE View connection function]
- RUNSENSE View connection
 You can log in to RUNSENSE View using a browser with the account set with the "Account management function". 
[Account management function]
- Setting the RUNSENSE View account
 You can set the account to log in to RUNSENSE View (the account is also required for the upload).
- Cancelling the RUNSENSE View account
 You can cancel the account to log in to RUNSENSE View (this is not a resignation from RUNSENSE View by deleting the account).
- Creating a new RUNSENSE Viewaccount
 You can create a new account when using RUNSENSE View for the first time.
 You can also use this function when you have forgotten the login ID or password.
*You can continue to use RUNSENSE View accounts that have previously been registered.
[Pairing function]
- Starting the pairing process with the wrist device
 You can pair your iPhone and the wrist device. 
- Unpairing the wrist device
 You can unpair your iPhone and the wrist device. 

◆ Notes on uploading data
It may take a while to upload large measurement data that contains position information from the wrist device.
 *Uploading measurement data for an hour's running takes approximately 3 to 10 minutes.
◆ Supported models
 SF-810, SF-710, SF-510, SF-310 and SF-110

We welcome your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to your e-mail.

Epson Run Connect 1.9.5 Memperbarui

- We have addressed security vulnerabilities.
- With the above, Android 4.4 has been excluded to support.

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