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Use your phone or tablet to study diseases, predict global warming, or discover pulsars! BOINC harnesses the unused computing power of your Android device and runs jobs for scientific research projects. You can choose from projects in several areas of science, including Yoyo@Home, World Community Grid, PrimeGrid, Enigma@Home, OProject@Home, theSkyNet POGS, Asteroids@Home, and Einstein@Home.

BOINC computes only when your device is plugged in and charged, so it won't run down your battery. It transfers data over WiFi, so it won't use up your cell phone plan's data limit.

BOINC 7.16.5 (fbdcc2d616) Memperbarui

Various enhancements and bug fixes


Additional Information

Kategori: Gratis Pendidikan APLIKASI

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: Ariunsanaa Sanaa

Versi Terbaru: 7.16.5 (fbdcc2d616)Permintaan BOINC Update

Available on: Mendapatkan BOINC di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 4.4+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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