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2.2.3 by StudioXR7

Mar 9, 2017

Tentang Battery Saver - Booster


Telepon Anda kehabisan baterai cepat? dan selalu mati pada saat genting?

So you found here the best application to solve this problem!

Battery Saver PRO - Booster is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer, PowerPlus, booster, optimization and can help you get up to 200% more battery life ( longer lasting battery life ) for your Android phone!
It's the best battery saver apps for android that makes your phone like booster, protector, booster, cleaner..
Battery Saver PRO - Booster is the best energy saver app to increase and extend the battery life of the device ( longer lasting battery life ). This application simply does not save energy or energy bus but its comes with different features such as power modes, Task Killer, battery optimization, booster, CPU overheating information device, states of charge and well Moreover.

Why "Battery Saver PRO - Booster" - Battery Booster & Battery Charger ?
* One Click Optimization & Battery Saver & long battery life
* Customize a mode that fits your energy usage ( Smart Pre-set Modes )
* Battery Monitor / Battery Protector / Battery Saver
Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use. Monitor all running-apps power consumption and list you the detail to app manager, Battery Monitor, Battery Protector, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.

Battery Saver PRO - Booster is the simplest and easiest free way to keep your Android phone working well when you need it, and protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps, and overlooked device settings that shorten your battery life, saving battery, optimizer battery saver.

This application provides the best power settings to save time on your device or tablet. Whenever the battery is low or goes too low and simply press the Energy Saver application to activate the saving mode, and can help you turn off all the extra features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, sound and other energy-consuming applications on the device.
So you can charing phones with out charger with this app that makes your battery doctor like boost, and makes it cleaner from virus without antivirus, and it's the best way to save power.

Battery Saver PRO - Booster has these following characteristics: Battery Monitor, fast charge, extra battery, as a battery doctor, battery life repair, Give your phone protection 360 ° security.
Main Features of PRO Battery Saving:
- Toggle display brightness, screen time, WiFi, data, Bluetooth, screen rotation, airplane mode, and GPS.
- Estimates Remaining Battery duration indicates how long the battery will last under a variety of situations use applications or games.
- Fast charger monitor and regulate energy consumption.
- Switch to economy mode: normal mode, mode, standby mode and saving custom mode.
- Find out what drain your power and disable unnecessary applications that drain your battery.
- Device information: Handy state of the CPU, battery temperature and hardware features.
- Cleaner task to clean the memory of junk food and boost the RAM.
- Internal battery status indicates temperature, voltage, health and state of charge.
- Annex energy saving modes for work / class / sleep and more!

This is the easiest way to charging battery in this free amazing battery saver software that makes your battery to charge full and save power.
If you want to search for this application use energy saver, antivirus, cargar bateria, ram cleaner auto, longer battery life, Battery saver, battery saver software... So download full version free and anjoy.

Save Battery Life now and Boost your Device Power with Battery Saver Pro FREE. Its a complete Power saver, longer battery life, booster app with different Saving modes.

Apa yang baru dalam versi terbaru 2.2.3

Last updated on Mar 9, 2017

1.Fixed problems about files cleaning feature
2.New design & easy to use!

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