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Brain Training with words : Brain games

1.9.0 for Android


Penjabaran dari AnagrApp

Challenge your spelling proficiency and put your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills to the test!

AnagrApp is one of the best Word puzzle Games!
Train your brain with this captivating word game that is a great complement to crosswords for a fabulous brain challenge.

The rules are straightforward.
Form words by tapping on the letters one by one or by sliding your finger from one letter to another.

It is fun to see how the same letters can be used to form different words.
Great exercise for the brain, This new word puzzle game will stretch your mind and get you interested in words in a different way.
Really addictive brain game that gets quite challenging!
AnagrApp is a fun word game to keep your grey matter healthy.

6 REASONS TO TRY AnagrApp right now:

- It’s free and no ads
- Pleasing to the eye and challenging for the brain
- Mind stimulating and captivating word puzzle game
- Gets you thinking and helps sharpen up your word skills
- Causes so many different emotions from doubt to euphoria
- Fun and easy to use for all ages

**** Direct and free access to all packs ****
3 Letters
4 Letters
5 Letters
6 Letters
7 Letters
8 Letters
are accessible from the start. You can jump to any Letters level at any moment.

**** Multilingual ****
Different levels starting from easy to advanced with option of playing in different languages:

**** Multi-level ****
More than a hundred levels per language are waiting for you. New levels are added continuously for endless brain workout.

- If you get stuck, use your collected hints to reveal a letter in one of the words to find.
- Don't forget that verbs in all tenses are words too!
- Do you enjoy Word Search games ? Do you like brain training? Here comes the perfect word challenge for you: find all hidden words.

It’s your turn to play now!
How many words will you be able to find?

AnagrApp 1.9.0 Memperbarui

Get ready to challenge your brain!
In this update:
+ 430 new levels:
• 5 Letters: + 50 levels
• 6 Letters: + 50 levels
• 7 Letters: + 100 levels
• 8 Letters: + 80 levels
• 9 Letters: + 150 levels

How many words will you be able to find?

Thank you for playing and for your feedback*!
*Love this game! Gets the old grey matter working and very addictive!! And.... NO ADS!! Awesome!!
*Fun and challenging, good for all ages. It’s nice to play every day to help keep the brain thinking.

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Kategori: Gratis Kata PERMAINAN

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Versi Terbaru: 1.9.0Permintaan AnagrApp Update

Dapatkan di: Mendapatkan AnagrApp di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 7.0+

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