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2048: Drop And Merge

1.6.1 for Android


Penjabaran dari 2048: Drop And Merge

2048: Drop And Merge is a game about placing and merging tiles with numbers. Despite the simplicity of the rules you will have to think a little (or maybe a lot) to win.

The game field consists of four columns with five cells each. Touch the empty cells to throw a tile in the column. Tiles will fall to the bottom or until they collide with other tiles. Tiles with two identical numbers will be merged into one tile with a double number. In 2048 game mode you can pick up the topmost tiles in the columns and move them to another column, but not more than one tile at a time. When you pick up the topmost tile, it moves to the tile dispenser and becomes the current tile along with the one that is there at that moment. When there are two current tiles in the dispenser, the lower tile will fall into the column you touch, and the upper tile into another column, if possible. In 2048+ mode, you cannot pick up the top tiles by touching them. In 2048+ mode, adjacent identical tiles will merge not only vertically, but also horizontally.
For placing tiles you will get bonuses. Use them to complete the goal of the game. To use the bonus, activate it by touching and tap the tile to apply. Brief description of bonuses:
- Division: use this bonus to divide the number on the tile by 2. If you apply this bonus to tile 2, it will be removed, since this is the tile with the minimum number.
- Pick Up: use this bonus to pick any tile up from the game field.
- Remove: Use this bonus to remove any tile from the game field.
The main goal of the game is to make tile with the number 2048. But of course, 2048 is not the maximum tile, you can try your hand and make 4096, 8192 and more. The game continues until there are free cells on the game field or available bonuses.

2048: Drop And Merge 1.6.1 Memperbarui

Minor bug fixes.

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Kategori: Gratis Teka-teki PERMAINAN

Tanggal Publikasi:

Uploaded by: João Gabriel Vidal Leite

Versi Terbaru: 1.6.1Permintaan 2048: Drop And Merge Update

Available on: Mendapatkan 2048: Drop And Merge di Google Play

Persyaratan: Android 4.1+

Laporkan: Tandai sebagai hal yang tak patut

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