How to Remove Background from a Picture on Android

This article will teach you how to remove background from any picture on mobile.

By Zac Dickson


Sometimes you take a nice picture during tours but the background is filled with tourists or other objects that you want to get rid of, then you may wonder if the background can be removed or replaced with other colors or subjects to make the picture look better. Well, this used can be done with PhotoShop by professional photo editors, but now, you can do it with free picture background removal app easily and fast without any skill required.

Picture background removal tool should be easy to use especially for people who know few about photo editing. As soon as you upload the picture, it should be able to automatically identify the subject and background area, so that you can replace the background with other colors or specific images as you want.


    This article will introduce a free image background removal app for Android - PhotoRoom. It is very convenient and efficient to automatically remove the background after you upload a photo. After processing, you can see the difference before and after background removal, and you can even save the image without registration. Now let's start to learn how to use PhotoRoom to remove image background step by step.

    How to remove picture background from mobile

    Step 1: Download PhotoRoom from APKPure.

    Step 2: Click 'Start from Photo', and then allow PhotoRoom to access photos on your device.

    Step 3: Select the photo you want to remove the background, or just take a picture directly from camera.

    Step 4: PhotoRoom will start to scan the photo automatically. After it's done, you are ready to edit the photo the way you want.

    Step 5: After you finish editing, tap the save button at the right up corner.

    Transparent the background

    If you need a transparent background, you can find the "Transparent" effect at the first line of the Create menu. Other than switch the background to a picture from your phone, you can also change it with a color or image that the app provided for you.

    In addition to white and black, there are other background color choices that you can select in palette. What's more, you can also select colors of wood, nature, wall and other objects as the background, or search for the items you want directly. It may surprise you.

    PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor APK

    PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

    Automatically erase and cut background & create amazing professional images.


    Download (46.4 MB)

    Edit photo with more effects

    Other than the background removal function, PhotoRoom also features a bunch of editing effects that you can select directly. For example, you can add Blur or Motion effect to your picture under 'Photo Editing Classics', or make it as a magazine cover, or customize its dimensions as social media cover or post. Almost all the feature you need for a photo can be found in one place.

    View Before / After difference

    Tap SEE ALL besides the Before / After under Create menu to see the difference between before and after the image is edited. Tap Graphics and then drag the horizon line up and down to change the part the original background shows.

    Note: the picture you saved will have watermark on it. If you want to remove it, you can pay for its Pro version.

    Download PhotoRoom now and try it yourself to easily remove background from any photo you want!