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La description de VAR LIVE

Easy to master VAR LIVE latest game information.
Unscheduled coupon. Player can receive first-hand promotion.
Check rankings and your grade.
By means of game data to create brilliant history.

VAR LIVE Multipurpose
▲ VAR LIVE Game Information:
---VAR LIVE Exclusive Game Introduction.
---Tap the map to find the nearest VAR LIVE store.
▲Register and Login:Only need to provide the simple information or continue with Facebook. Join VAR LIVE right now !
▲Coupon:Get the coupon. Don’t missing out on the promotion.And experience VAR LIVE exclusive game in a more favorable way.
▲Rankings:Live ranking to make games more exciting.
▲Member profile:Having an up-to-date personal record. Not only can check every record, but also can observe the long-term data.

Friendly Reminders
▲Kindly remind you to use the VAR LIVE APP in a Wireless Network Environment.
▲Kindly remind you to update to Android 6 or latest version.

VAR LIVE 2.3.0 Mise à jour

1. Bug Fixed.
2. Optimize some page performance.


Additional Information

Catégories: Gratuit Divertissement APPLICATION

Date de publication:

Uploaded by: Marc Joseph Montenegro

Dernière version: 2.3.0Demande VAR LIVE mise à jour

Available on: Télécharger VAR LIVE sur Google Play

Exigences: Android 5.0+

Signaler: Signaler comme inapproprié

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