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Tile Match

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1.0.3 for Android

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La description de Tile Match

If you have a strong memory and like puzzles, strategies, memories and brain training challenges, you will love this block elimination game! The speed of the game is fast and the picture is clear and cute. It is a big competition between hand speed and eyesight. Come and challenge!

 - There will be a collection box at the beginning of the game. A total of 7 windboxes can be put down.
 - Click on the square in the game scene and the box will be automatically collected in the lower collection box.
 - If there are more than 3 squares of the same color in all of your collected squares, the squares will be cleared.
 - If the number of squares collected in the collection box below exceeds the maximum capacity of the collection box (7), the game will end.
 - The faster the elimination, the higher the score, and after all the squares on the field are eliminated, the game wins!

 - Test your eyesight and hand speed, your eyes are fast, and you will race against time.
 - Simple Japanese-style and wind-designed, super-multi-level, and a classic square to eliminate casual stand-alone games.
 - The operation is super simple, the squares are clear, the game has a great sense of rhythm, and you can't stop!

Ultra-simple game rules to meet the needs of no network, designed to create the most fun square elimination in history!

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Dernière version: 1.0.3Demande Tile Match mise à jour

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Exigences: Android 4.1+

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