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Quickerala - Kerala Business listings

2.1 for Android

Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd.

La description de Quickerala - Kerala Business listings

Kerala is now on the go!

Search for anything in Kerala, anywhere you are with Quickerala app. Finding local businnesses is now easy and fast. Quickerala app now gives you phone numbers, maps, diections and more about every business in Kerala, all on the go.

If you are looking for details about a business, Quickerala gives you the most accurate information from contact details to opening hours, addresses and more. You can find business anywhere in Kerala, be it very local or super urban.

Knowing your neighbourhood is now just a click away!

Discover all the businesses and services near you
Get to your nearest destinations easily with our maps which can zoom, pan and even automatically refresh with your every search
Rate and review business as your favourites
Find business of your choice and get every information you need from opening hours to photos
Share lisitings on Quickerala with friends and family via email, SMS Facebook Twitter or WhatsApp

Quickerala - Kerala Business listings 2.1 Mise à jour

With this update, you can leave a rating and review for a business. We have fixed the bugs that popped up after the last update and improved the performance of the app.

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