Enjoy the same gaming experience as PUBG MOBILE but with less storage space on the lower-end Android devices.

PUBG MOBILE LITE uses Unreal Engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG MOBILE gameplay to create action-packed Arena Mode matches lasting 10 minutes or less. The streamlined game requires only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly.

60 players drop onto a 2km x 2km island rich in resources and duke it out for survival in a shrinking battlefield. Search for weapons, vehicles, and supplies to aid you in the battle. Prepare to land and fight to be the last one standing!
Supports 12 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, German, and French.

2. Fair gaming environment
Advanced anti-cheat system to ensure all PUBG MOBILE LITE players can enjoy a fair gaming experience.

3. Arena
Warehouse: intense 4 vs 4 battle with endless respawns for thrilling matches!

4. Team up with friends
Local team up, room cards and clan modes make it easier to keep playing with your friends any time, any place.

5. HD graphics and audio
The amazing Unreal Engine 4 creates realistic and immersive gameplay on an expansive HD map. High definition audio and 3D sound effects bring you into the firefights like never before.

6. Teamwork
Invite friends to play and create a winning strategy together using voice chat. Set up ambushes and surprise your enemies. Revive your teammates in the heat of battle and fight for your clan's dominance.

7. Official Updates
Follow us on our community pages for the latest updates:
Official site: https://www.pubgmlite.com
Facebook: https:www.facebook.com/PUBGMOBILELITE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pubgmobilelite

Quoi de neuf dans la dernière version 0.24.0

Last updated on Dec 14, 2022

0.20.0 تحديث نوفمبر: مهرجان الشتاء
معركة ثلج فارينغا
عشاء الشتاء الشتوي الدجاج

أول تساقط للثلج في فارينغا والعديد من الألعاب الثلجية تنتظر
على الجليد: لعبة جديدة! تسلق جبلًا ثلجيًا لتسريع المنحدر
مهرجان الشتاء "خصيصا": البيضة المُجمّدة! قم برميها على الأرض للحصول على منحوتة ثلجية منقذة للحياة
قلعة الشتاء: احصل على معداتك ومغامرتك في منطقة جديدة
أجواء مهرجان الشتاء في ساحة الانتظار وجزيرة الظهور
علامة عالمية: يمنح وضع العلامات في الوقت الفعلي لزملاء الفريق معلومات قتالية أكثر دقة
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Informations Jeu supplémentaires

Dernière version

Demande PUBG MOBILE LITE mise à jour 0.24.0

Date de mise à jour

Dec 13, 2022

Telechargé par

Den Den

Nécessite Android

Android 10.0+

Available on

Télécharger PUBG MOBILE LITE sur Google Play

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