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Pixels Dash Valley

1.0 for Android
Broadway Pixels

La description de Pixels Dash Valley

Judge the course, avoid the obstacles and shoot! Progress in the enchanting universe of Pixels Dash Valley! Throw the ball and try to get through the hurdles. Be careful not to hit the spikes if you don't want to lose the game. While playing Pixels Dash Valley you will feel like yourself an astronaut through the space. Remain longer in the game and advance toward the sky as you make a magical stroll with your ball and run. As long as you remain alive in Pixels Dash Valley then you have a chance to get high score and become expert of this arcade game. See the geometrical aspects of each obstacle and calculate your move carefully. Stay attentive all the time as Pixels Dash Valley will totally test your nerves so remain one stage ahead and let that ball go on. Release the ball when you are totally sure about your move and pass your hurdles/spikes which are in front of you. You make lose it all by few degrees as your ball may hit the spikes and pops open causing you to lose all you got.

Practice will make you perfect so don’t miss out on the extreme fun plus challenge of Pixels Dash Valley the most exciting arcade/dash game of 2020.

Top Features:
- User Friendly GUI
- Beautiful Graphics and Neon Theme
- Easy to Play and Smooth Control
- Two Modes of Play: Endless Mode and Adventure Mode
- Super Exciting Gameplay, Smooth Visuals and Sound Effects
- 12 Balls of Different Shapes

Ready for a challenge plus fun? Be smart and do install geometry dash game "Pixels Dash Valley" endless fly arcade game for free.

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Catégories: Gratuit Arcade JEUX

Dernière version: 1.0Demande Pixels Dash Valley mise à jour

Date de mise à jour:

Nécessite Android: 4.1 and up

Available on: Télécharger Pixels Dash Valley sur Google Play

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