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VPN, Secure Networking

0.9.34 for Android

Orchid Technologies LLC

La description de Orchid

Orchid is a VPN client, crypto-powered VPN service and advanced network security tool.

Using Orchid, you get access to a network of VPN providers all in one app. Each "hop" on Orchid represents a VPN connection. With one hop, you get similar protections provided by other VPNs. Each additional hop providers another layer of encryption. And with Orchid you only pay for what you use, so when you turn the app off, you are not charged anything. There are no monthly fees.

Advantages over other VPNs:
-String multiple VPN connections together in an onion route
-Supports Orchid, Wireguard and OpenVPN protocols
-Disguises Internet traffic using WebRTC for firewall traversal
-Change providers easily

Why use Orchid?
-Enhance your online privacy so your Internet provider cannot monitor and sell your web browsing history
-Protect your connection when using a WiFi hotspot
-Protect your real location data from websites
-Protect your IP address from websites

Why trust Orchid?
-Open Source project on GitHub @OrchidTechnologies
-Third party audits by Certora and Consensys Diligence on all decentralized smart contracts

Our vision is to enable secure access to the internet for everyone, everywhere.

Orchid 0.9.34 Mise à jour

- Full aesthetic redesign to a dark-native user interface
- DNS requests are securely routed over https to cloudflare nameservers
- Support for Unstoppable Domains .crypto TLD
- Fixed a bug that caused excessive cpu usage in app version 0.9.30-0.9.33

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Dernière version: 0.9.34Demande Orchid mise à jour

Available on: Télécharger Orchid sur Google Play

Exigences: Android 5.0+

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