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NEO Speaker KakaoTalk

2.1.3 for Android

La description de NEO Speaker KakaoTalk

You need not to often watch your phone to check KakaoTalk messages.

Just listen. NEO Speaker KakaoTalk will speak when you receive messages.

During driving, exercising, studying, shopping, walking, cooking, listening music, etc, NEO Speaker KakaoTalk can always help you.

★ Features.

1. Providing many options : You can hear any messages you want to listen to.

2. Rich help : If there is the part you don't know, you can check it without network any time in the Help.

3. Multi languages

4. Acronyms : Frequently used abbreviations( ex. asap, omg, thx, etc ) will be spoken full meaning. ( It applies only English and Korean. )

5. Supporting android marshmallow

★ Pro version

1. No Ad.

2. Pro Icon.

3. Widget : If you use the widget, you can listen to the voice easily or stop it without starting the app.

4. Show Notification Icon : While the app is running, You can see the its icon in the notification panel.

5. Auto Run : When your smartphone reboots, NEO Speaker KakaoTalk will run automatically.

6. Speak App Name : When a messages comes, the NEO Speaker KakaoTalk will speak "KakaoTalk message" first. If you don't want to listen it, you need to turn off this option.

With the NEO Speaker KakaoTalk, enjoy your life more happy and comfortable.

★ Notes

1. When you receive a KakaoTalk message, It'll be shown upper the notification panel and NEO Speaker KakaoTalk will speak it. So, you need to check the option "Message Alerts" in the KakaoTalk settings.

2. If you want to upgrade the voice quality, you need to change TTS( Text-To-Speech ) engine or adopt the high quality TTS language. Also, some smartphone maker ( ex. samsung galaxy series ) offers high quality TTS language as free. And "Repeat Speaking" the option will be helpful.

NEO Speaker KakaoTalk 2.1.3 Mise à jour

NEO Speaker KakaoTalk is a very powerful handsfree app. Now, You need not to watch the smartphone to check KakaoTalk messages.

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Catégories: Gratuit Réseaux sociaux APPLICATION

Dernière version: 2.1.3Demande NEO Speaker KakaoTalk mise à jour

Date de mise à jour:

Telechargé par: M Abdul Aziz

Nécessite Android: Android 4.3+

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