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2019 - नवरात्र पूजा विधि, व्रत कथा

1.1 for Android

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La description de Navratra

Navratra 2019

Information about all nine form of goddess durga.

All 9 devi details of Navratri 2018 Sharad Navratri

1. Sailaputri - शैलपुत्री, 2. Brahmachariṇi - व्रह्मचारणी, 3. Candraghaṇṭa - चन्द्रघन्टा, 4. Kusamaṇḍa -
कुशमन्दा, 5. Skandamata - स्कन्दमाता, 6. Katyayani - कात्यायनी, 7. Kalaratra - कालरात्री, 8.
Mahagauri - महागौरी, 9. Siddhidatri - सिद्धिदात्री.

★ Navratri Kalash stapna
★ Navratri Vrat katha
★ Poojan vidhi
★ Navratri poojan Samagri

Shardiya Navratri is the most popular and significant Navratri of all Navratris. That’s why
Shardiya Navratri is also known as Maha Navratri.

Shardiya Navratri: the most celebrated of the four navaratris, named after sharad which means autumn. It is observed the lunar month of Ashvin (post-monsoon, (September–October).
Shardiya Navratri In many regions the festival falls after autumn harvest, and in others during

In this app you will find everything about navratra like : माँ दुर्गा के नौ रूप, ३२ शक्तिशाली दुर्गा नाम, कब आते हैं नवरात्रे, कलश स्थापना और पूजन, नव दुर्गा बीज मंत्र, नवरात्र पूजा विधि, नवरात्र क्या है और महत्व, नवरात्री में कन्या पूजन

Navratra 1.1 Mise à jour

*_* Minor bug fixes

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